From False Accusers to Recipients of Unmerited Grace

And so today, as the season of Lent draws to a rapid close, we begin our journey through Holy Week.Yes, our journey.A journey that can successfully transform us from being false accusers to the recipients of unmerited grace - if we know the secret of how to unlock the door.For we are, today:The treacherous Judas Iscariot who betrayed Him;The impetuous Peter who denied Him three times;The accusatory Council of the Sanhedrin, which falsely convicted, bound, and handed Him … [Read more...]

A Lenten Christmas Story


Those of us of a certain age will immediately recognize the unique, soft yet powerful, voice of broadcaster Paul Harvey.He was truly one-of-a-kind. A gifted storyteller, spanning decades, who could weave colorful, vivid images. Often left transfixed, we'd find ourselves grabbed by his hand as he led us through to the other side, to the "rest of the story."A five minute exploration of our world. A deep reflection of our lives.I heard this story for the first time only two weeks … [Read more...]

The Ancient Mythology Of ISIS


 It dawned on me as I recently watched a brief YouTube lecture (embedded below) given by Father Robert Barron on creation back in 2010* - long before ISIS high-jacked our unwilling attention, kicking and screaming.Alone among the ancient gods, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob - our God, our Abba Father - fought no battle, conquered no enemy, to become ruler of a people.In language symbolic yet edifying, Genesis staked out God's moral claim to a creation forged not in vio … [Read more...]

Three Reasons Why I No Longer Actively Support The Death Penalty

Other than a required law school course in criminal procedure, I have had no training and have developed no special expertise in matters of criminal justice since becoming an attorney some 30 years ago. In fact, the closest that I've ever come to associating with any criminal element was when I ran for public office back in 1998 - but I digress.So I speak here not as some kind of expert, but rather as a fellow citizen.And I speak as someone who does not take lightly the teachings of the C … [Read more...]

Not Surprisingly, Francis Is Catholic


I am, by disposition and training, what is generally referred to as a classic, free market economic conservative.Having once run for public office - the New York State Assembly - my positions were more or less honed during an electoral battle against a far left entrenched incumbent. Although, truth be told, depending on the issue, I was variously described by my two opponents together as either a "dangerous right-winger" or an "out-of-touch liberal" during that race. I'll just have to assume … [Read more...]

One Observation On Lent: What Do We Worship?

Well, the first of my 40 days of Lent didn't start off on the right foot.I mean, look, I didn't even fast on Ash Wednesday (I forgot). I almost ate meat this Friday before I realized it at the last possible moment (wait, chicken is considered meat, right?). And I've yet to figure out how I'm going to dedicate this time to something - anything - that will help me better reflect upon what this period before Easter is supposed to be all about (but I'm thinking . . . I'm thinking).Yes, I'm n … [Read more...]

The 21 Martyrs of ISIS

I started out today attempting to write about an entirely different subject - one that had gotten my Italian up as I had put it. It's a theme to which I may return in time.But right now, that original topic seems little more than trivial in a world that's been set afire.The brutality and the reality of this story hit me with full force this afternoon.ISIS, taking full advantage of the chaos created by our so-called Smart Diplomacy in Libya, has today released a propaganda video detail … [Read more...]

Looking Marvelous, But Still A Jerk

From The First ReadingThe Lord said to Moses and Aaron, "If a swelling or scab or spot appears on someone's skin, which could develop into a contagious skin-disease, that person must then be taken to the priest, either Aaron or one of his sons. If the person has such a disease: he is unclean. The priest will declare him unclean; he has a contagious skin-disease of the head. Anyone with a contagious skin-disease will wear torn clothing and disordered hair; and will cover the upper lip and … [Read more...]

5 New Things You Can Start Today To Change Your Life

It's the dead of winter. The snow is incessant.The cold chills from deep within. Spring seems an eternity away.Behold, it's time for a new thing! (Yes, that's taken from Isaiah 43:19.)Actually, here are five new things that you can start today to change your life:Forgive the very last person who hurt you - Silently. Or in a letter. Or in a phone call. Or face-to-face. Even a text message. Do it sincerely. Do it with love. But do it. And truly forgive, not just mouth the words. … [Read more...]

The 10 Who Brought Me Back To The Church

Pope Francis - His election instantaneously compelled me to reconsider my 41-year absence. Thomas Merton - His Seven Storey Mountain was the turning point in how I viewed the Church. Father Jim Martin - His books, excellent in their own right, led me directly to Thomas Merton. Professor Peter Kreeft - His teachings are consistently clear, insightful, and deep - yet accessible. St. Augustine - His Confessions introduced me to the very beginnings of the Church. St. Thomas Aquinas - I ha … [Read more...]