5 Ways That The Church Is Really All About The “Yes”

Ours has become a culture of yes.One that trusts first and last in the individual instinct, however base, without regard to what was once considered objective truth.This is "my truth," as a former New Jersey governor once pronounced upon his resignation.It is a yes to the self.It is a yes to the physical, to the material, and to all things visible.It's no wonder that we have looked over all that we have transformed our selves and our culture into and have, sans the least bit o … [Read more...]

A *catholic* Mass For Peace


The Nicene Creed each week reminds us that when we invoke our Catholic (n.) faith, we declare unity with the church in its all-embracing oneness - our catholic (adj.) existence. As Father Robert Barron has made clear on occasion, the word catholic, traced back from the Greek, means something along the lines of "according to the whole." Another translation would be closer to "throughout the whole."Although the word catholic is often used today to denote a church which is universal, there is so … [Read more...]

Favor and Knowledge Still Test Our Faith: 10 Biblical Examples


It may be difficult for us, sometimes, to realistically imagine life beyond our own everyday existence. We might, for example, tend to look back at what we call biblical times with no small amount of longing as we wonder just how much easier our faith would have been back then.After all, if we had been present during the days of Abraham, Moses, Christ, or the Apostles, we might have witnessed innumerable and extraordinary events that would have more easily inclined our hearts upwards.At t … [Read more...]

Tsarnaev: The Death Penalty (Somewhat) Revisited

In light of the recent Boston Bomber verdicts and the now looming penalty phase, the death penalty once again takes center stage.Here is what Boston's four Bishops recently said about this case: The defendant in this case has been neutralized and will never again have the ability to cause harm . . . [b]ecause of this, we, the Catholic Bishops of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, believe that society can do better than the death penalty. More: The four bishops quoted a 2005 statement by … [Read more...]

My Three Post-Lenten Questions


I'm sitting, at this very moment, in a hospital waiting room in Pennsylvania while scheduled, but major, surgery is being performed on a loved one.  No matter how routine - and this one is relatively so - the sights, the sounds, and the smells all around me remind me that this is no ordinary place, and that this is no ordinary day.For this is a place of pain. It's a place of vulnerability. It's a place of uncertainty and fright.But more than anything, it's also a place of healing - or at … [Read more...]

Surrexit Dominus Vere, alleluia!

He is risen, indeed!Have a blessed, transforming Easter!Here is Father Barron on the meaning of this day.Peace … [Read more...]

From False Accusers to Recipients of Unmerited Grace

And so today, as the season of Lent draws to a rapid close, we begin our journey through Holy Week.Yes, our journey.A journey that can successfully transform us from being false accusers to the recipients of unmerited grace - if we know the secret of how to unlock the door.For we are, today:The treacherous Judas Iscariot who betrayed Him;The impetuous Peter who denied Him three times;The accusatory Council of the Sanhedrin, which falsely convicted, bound, and handed Him … [Read more...]

A Lenten Christmas Story


Those of us of a certain age will immediately recognize the unique, soft yet powerful, voice of broadcaster Paul Harvey.He was truly one-of-a-kind. A gifted storyteller, spanning decades, who could weave colorful, vivid images. Often left transfixed, we'd find ourselves grabbed by his hand as he led us through to the other side, to the "rest of the story."A five minute exploration of our world. A deep reflection of our lives.I heard this story for the first time only two weeks … [Read more...]

The Ancient Mythology Of ISIS


 It dawned on me as I recently watched a brief YouTube lecture (embedded below) given by Father Robert Barron on creation back in 2010* - long before ISIS high-jacked our unwilling attention, kicking and screaming.Alone among the ancient gods, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob - our God, our Abba Father - fought no battle, conquered no enemy, to become ruler of a people.In language symbolic yet edifying, Genesis staked out God's moral claim to a creation forged not in vio … [Read more...]

Three Reasons Why I No Longer Actively Support The Death Penalty

Other than a required law school course in criminal procedure, I have had no training and have developed no special expertise in matters of criminal justice since becoming an attorney some 30 years ago. In fact, the closest that I've ever come to associating with any criminal element was when I ran for public office back in 1998 - but I digress.So I speak here not as some kind of expert, but rather as a fellow citizen.And I speak as someone who does not take lightly the teachings of the C … [Read more...]