One Observation On Lent: What Do We Worship?

Well, the first of my 40 days of Lent didn't start off on the right foot.I mean, look, I didn't even fast on Ash Wednesday (I forgot). I almost ate meat this Friday before I realized it at the last possible moment (wait, chicken is considered meat, right?). And I've yet to figure out how I'm going to dedicate this time to something - anything - that will help me better reflect upon what this period before Easter is supposed to be all about (but I'm thinking . . . I'm thinking).Yes, I'm n … [Read more...]

The 21 Martyrs of ISIS

I started out today attempting to write about an entirely different subject - one that had gotten my Italian up as I had put it. It's a theme to which I may return in time.But right now, that original topic seems little more than trivial in a world that's been set afire.The brutality and the reality of this story hit me with full force this afternoon.ISIS, taking full advantage of the chaos created by our so-called Smart Diplomacy in Libya, has today released a propaganda video detail … [Read more...]

Looking Marvelous, But Still A Jerk

From The First ReadingThe Lord said to Moses and Aaron, "If a swelling or scab or spot appears on someone's skin, which could develop into a contagious skin-disease, that person must then be taken to the priest, either Aaron or one of his sons. If the person has such a disease: he is unclean. The priest will declare him unclean; he has a contagious skin-disease of the head. Anyone with a contagious skin-disease will wear torn clothing and disordered hair; and will cover the upper lip and … [Read more...]

5 New Things You Can Start Today To Change Your Life

It's the dead of winter. The snow is incessant.The cold chills from deep within. Spring seems an eternity away.Behold, it's time for a new thing! (Yes, that's taken from Isaiah 43:19.)Actually, here are five new things that you can start today to change your life:Forgive the very last person who hurt you - Silently. Or in a letter. Or in a phone call. Or face-to-face. Even a text message. Do it sincerely. Do it with love. But do it. And truly forgive, not just mouth the words. … [Read more...]

The 10 Who Brought Me Back To The Church

Pope Francis - His election instantaneously compelled me to reconsider my 41-year absence. Thomas Merton - His Seven Storey Mountain was the turning point in how I viewed the Church. Father Jim Martin - His books, excellent in their own right, led me directly to Thomas Merton. Professor Peter Kreeft - His teachings are consistently clear, insightful, and deep - yet accessible. St. Augustine - His Confessions introduced me to the very beginnings of the Church. St. Thomas Aquinas - I ha … [Read more...]

The Bread Which You Hold Back Belongs To The Hungry

You Shall Not Steal.Four simple words.Uncomplicated in their declaration.  Straightforward in their application.Or so they seem.Of course, we well understand the basic prohibition: don't appropriate for yourself anything that belongs to someone else.But the Seventh Commandment has a far greater reach, a far richer insight into the complex nature of human relations and man's relationship with the Divine.Consider this: In the beginning God entrusted the earth and its … [Read more...]

Do You See Your Own Gifts? Do Others?

In my last post, Of Virtues and Gifts and Peace, I explored the four main, or cardinal, virtues of humanity as set forth in, and defined by, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, those of prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance.These revealed virtues probably come as close to an owner's operating manual for humanity as we will ever likely discover on our own.They enlighten our hearts, instruct our heads, guide our actions, and inform our relationships.Also briefly discussed were … [Read more...]

Of Virtues and Gifts and Peace


Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. Philippians 4:8 Challenging words, those.We rush through the days, harried by our jobs, by our families, by our all too many daily obligations - many of which we may not even remember undertaking.Who has time to contemplate the things in our lives which are pure, or lovely, or … [Read more...]

Chasing God . . . Until He Finds Us


Looking back on his youth, back to a time when C.S. Lewis was then still an atheist, he said this about agnostics in their search for God: "they might as well have talked about the mouse's search for the cat."A terrifying thought that.So how should one seek God? Just how do we go about it?I suppose having a modicum of faith - a mustard seed of faith - is enough to start.And then perhaps an openness, a receptiveness, to listening for God's voice calling from deep within us, and … [Read more...]

An Historic Christmas Event In Egypt, And What It Means


I am pleased to bring to your attention an extraordinary guest blogger, Michele Antaki.Ms. Antaki is from a Syrian Catholic family and was raised in both Egypt and France. She has been a United Nations interpreter in New York for 27  years in four languages. Among other things, she worked briefly at CBS right after the 9/11 attacks where she monitored Al Jazzera. She holds an LLM from the University of Nice, France. A more complete biography can be found at the end of this post.Ms. Anta … [Read more...]