Who Says Radio Is Dead?

I’m going to be on Air America Minnesota on Saturday, 3/11, from 2-3pm CST, for Bob Hill and Dawn Morningstar’s program, “Delicious Conversation,” to talk about progressive and Christ-centered Christianity.

website: http://www.airamericaminnesota.com/index.php

listen live: http://www.airamericaminnesota.com/streamaudio.html

  • Chuck D.

    air america? That is a joke of radio station. especially on saturday afternoon. you will be lucky to have over 9 listeners.you’re better of broadcasting on the internet yourself instead of branding yourself on the liberal, sorry i mean “progressive” radio station.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah,AirAmerica is dead. So I guess I do. That is, I say radio is dead.-Jim

  • Anonymous

    you ought to have doug pagit interview you and podcast it from his site. i heard him pontificating the other day to some female evangelicals. It was quite humorous. he actually has own “his” theology. i wonder if he buys his own bull shit? i actually think it is good for the church, i just get a kick out of how he buys into his own character.i think what you guys are attempting to do is wonderful for evangelical christianity. There’s alot of folks out there who have been hurt and need some decent scholarship. I do get a kick out of emergent’s idea that it is doing something new or has a “new” theology.—ruthie

  • Bud

    Ruthie! Finally, you are the first person I’ve met who agrees with me. Ruthie, you understand that emergent is indeed doing good theology, but it is by no means NEW. It is NEW to conservative evangelicals, but it is not NEW, as in original. It is good theology becuase it is traditional catholic/orthodox theology. Listening to emergent is like listening to the 7th grader talk enthusiastically about all the wonderful things he “discovered” at school.Emergent, just because you are learning it for the first time does not mean that you are the first to come up with it. For claiming to be postmodern, you are not very. Afterall, doesn’t postmodernity take a turn to “the other”? As in it takes seriously the expiereince of the other? Well, you are not doing so when you do not listen to everyone who says what you are doing is not new. Grow up and listen up. Listen to your elders, this is not new. You are very non-postmodern in that all you care about is what you say. If you truly did take a turn to “the other” then you would soon discover that “the other/s” have been saying what you have been for a very long time. That is why the true postmoderns out there realize that this is all the same stuff as the catholics/orthodox…and it is good theology. Especially good for the lame-o evangelicals to hear.

  • Anonymous

    Hey guys,I just came up with a new postmodern way of thinking about God. God is relationship. In fact, one could think of God as the relationship that exists between persons or between father, son and holy ghost. Think of a triple Godhead. God is the love that happens between them.I plan on writing my PhD dissertaion on this groundbreaking idea that “God is relationship.” I will call it relational theology. I will have some spin offs called relational ecclesiology, relational christology, relational sotierology, relational epistemology, relational metaphysics, relational ethics, reltatoinal pneumatology…and so on. This will change the whole way we think about God.I will call it emergent postmodern theologywhat a joke

  • Sam

    yeah, as if doug pagitt could come up with anything called his own.he is good at prostiting traditional theology, writing books about it and then reaping the profits. IT’s all old stuff in new wine skins.Doug and his “own” theology? No. Doug needs to give credit where it is due, but he, like all the other emergents, are too proud, and dilusional.

  • faith

    I haven’t met an “Emerg.” who thinks their ideas are original and new…but then I haven’t met a lot of them anyhow…so as far as I know there may be many who think they are original. All the ones I have met know that these ideas and practices are in fact quite old…but many in the evangelical church are unwilling to consume such ideas when they are mentioned in the same sentence as Catholic or Orthodox…it’s really unfortunate but true. So the ideas are often repackaged in digestible little bits for Evangi’s. I’m ok with this to a point, hopefully some day the whole truth with come out. A classic example of this (that I actually don’t like) is when a friend quoted John Eldridge as saying “The glory of God is man fully alive.” …in response I said “actually that quote is a slight bit older than Eldridge…St. Irenaeus said it in the Second Century.” We can bitch all we like about how Evangi’s don’t give credit where credit is due, but if we are unwilling to help in the re-education in a gracious manner, then what good are we? We’re just a bunch of self-righteous complainers. The best cure for ignorance is education…maybe being part of the cure is more helpful.

  • Morgan

    faith,but why dumb it down for the so-called “evangi’s” as you say? Arn’t they intelligent enough to understand the theology in its oringial context. It sounds like if you have to re-package it in “little bits” for them to digest, you are really insulting their intelligence.Furthremore, if it is catholic theology then it is catholic theology. Why re-name? It sounds almost as if you want to “fool” or “trick” the evangi’s in to believing something they wouldn’t otherwise accept if it were labled eastern orthodox or catholic. And yes faith, emergent does come off as if they are proffering a new theology and a new way of doing theology, but in fact, as you say, it is just re-packaged. But as we all know, a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. Emergent is kind of like a junior varsity theology club. Not bright enough, or original enough, to make it in the varsity sqaud, but instead they putz around in the JV circles. Fun maybe for them – everyone gets to participate and all that, but at the end of the day it is still the junior high sunday school squad