Second Opinion

So, my brother, the doc, tells me that when I faint in doctor’s offices, it’s not a fight-or-flight response. That’s a sympathetic response that sends blood to the extremities that need it. Instead, I’m having a vasovagal reaction, which is a rapid drop in blood pressure connected to the parasympathetic nervous system.

Then he told me I’m a wus. I think that’s a clinical term.

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  • Dean Barnes

    One of my youth staff volunteers has the same thing. I have to restrain myself from getting very descriptive about medical stuff. It is very hard for me. Sorry to hear about your meniscus. I have heard that the recovery time is pretty quick. Good luck

  • Scott Gray

    Finally I have a name for what happens to me regularly. My case of vasovagal reaction or whatever it is called I have actually simply cut my thumb and passed out, so i think i might have a severe case of this. hehe. anyhow, sorry to hear about your knee, thats no fun. have a blessed week.

  • Kirk Longhofer

    Yeah… but you can still kick your brother across the room, right? At least when your knees’ healed up you can!Blessings on the surgery… and have a great Christmas!kdl

  • natalie

    Huh. I could very well have the same thing. . . I fainted when I realized I had broken my finger, when I hyper extended my elbow and also when I had to have a small amount of blood drawn. Well, at least now I’ve got a name for it!I pray your recovery is speedy. . .Peace.

  • Jim Watters

    Tony – so sorry to hear about your injury. I hope that you heal quickly and completely. Good thing you are surrounded by such a fantastic community. Blessings – Jim

  • christian Scharen

    Hey, Tony, sorry about this . . . but it COULD be a great excuse for AIC (ass in chair) to get that red thermometer rising with your word count. I tore my posterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments in my left knee in a high school football game. it works fine now, and that was 1985. thank god for the smarts of drs. even if they do make you faint and call you a wus. i know you are brave and have a great book waiting in your fingertips waiting for an opportune AIC moment to come out.peace,chris