Bad News: Stephen Baldwin Is Staying

I am sorry to report that Stephen Baldwin is staying in the United States.  Baldwin, a B-list celebrity and convert to conservative evangelicalism, had declared to Fox News that if Barack Obama won the presidency, he would move out of the country.  We should have known that was too good to be true.  He now says he was kidding.

He still hasn’t elucidated further on the revelation that God gave him during the campaign that Obama is the antichrist…

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  • Jon

    Hahaha… I confess I didn’t know much about this (unintentionally hilarious) gent — I was just on the age cusp to be paying much attention to pop culture circa “Bio Dome” — until earlier this morning, thanks to the Onion’s “A.V. Club” editorial review of his born-again memoir ( ). The excerpts from the text reach exciting new heights of faux-humble indulgence/hilarity.

  • frwyer

    He probably found this map:

  • Artie Curtis

    That was a stupid thing for Stephen to say. I’m a Southern Baptist minister and I have no intention of leaving my country regardless who is in the White House. I’ll make my stand and hold my ground right where I always have.

  • Paul Berry

    Highly ironic given the controversy over Alec’s supposed statements in 2000.


    I saw it live, he was kidding. Shame on you for disparging him when it is unfounded

  • Keith

    You think maybe Tony is kidding, too?

  • Jonathan Logan

    McManus of the Usual Suspects became a Christian???? Like, wow.

  • Justjuls

    I think that this is pretty amusing considering his brother Alec said the EXACT SAME THING about Bush.

  • jamal49

    Too bad he won’t be leaving. That would be one less evangie to have to listen to or read about. Stephen Baldwin wet his pants and punked out after 9/11 and “got Jesus”. I tend to agree with Ted Turner: it’s a religion for losers.

  • Carl Holmes

    I am glad he is staying. I think it is high time he and Kirk Cameron do a Left Behind Movie together… they are such great actors. (said very tongue in cheek)

  • Amber Jean

    hey, i don’t care what anyone says- but i love Stevie B. he’s is a brilliant actor and a good man. we all have our opinions! :)
    God Bless.
    Student for Christ,
    Amber Jean