My New Work Space

I’ve been influenced by the blog, Minimal Mac, to simplify my cluttered workspace, so I canceled cable TV and used the money I saved to buy a cheap-but-highly-rated Dell monitor. I’m trying to keep all paper off my desk and allow no clutter except the occasional coffee mug.

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  • That is amazing! I think I am going to work on mine tonight!

  • Larry

    Only room for one book? That goes beyond minimalist to downright Spartan.

  • Albert the Abstainer

    Good bloody luck.
    I don’t have cable and haven’t owned a television for years, but that is another issue. Earlier this week, during my vacation, I devoted 5 hours to clearing away two years worth of clutter in my bedroom/computer room. Some got legitimately dealt with, and the remainder was boxed up and thrown into a space where I don’t have to see it. And that is my personal workspace. Tomorrow I head back to the office and I know I could spend at least that long cleaning my desk and attempting to be physically organized. (I seem to practice a stack processing method of organization, where old under-referenced material lies at the bottom of a stack.) I know, the clean-desk anally-retentive will probably rule the world, but I will not surrender to their clean desk policies, their sterile, ordered and organized world. I will inevitably be like Robert DeNiro’s renegade plumber at the end of the film Brazil who disappears under a pile of paper fighting the inanity of the despotically bureaucratic.
    Remember, “We’re all in it together”. ( see )

  • Albert the Abstainer

    Oh and just because it is such a beautifully dystopian film, the following wikipedia article is worth a read. I had not put all the threads together until reading it,

  • Turning off the cable is always a good idea for whatever motivation. Less violence, crime, and all around immorality, plus you have one less monthly bill. Good for you!

  • Dave

    coffee mug for your latte, right?

  • I love your simple attitude. I just sold all my furniture and moved to a different country. I like the idea of not acquiring all that stuff again. So, what’s up with all the pictures on your monitor? 🙂

  • noah

    hey tony,
    the less you post, the more I like you.
    Thanks for not posting for the last few days.

  • A108

    Good Luck, Tony!
    Several years ago, I began reading my favorite newspapers and journals online. Today, the NY-Times and Wall Street Journal are gone from my recycling box. A plus – when I really like an article enough to ‘clip’ it, I just email it to an email account I keep exclusively for that purpose – useful and fun things I’ve read or seen.
    Every year I go through my books (mine, my husband’s are sacred and inviolate) and donate every text book which is out of date, ever technical journal which I haven’t opened in the previous two years. We’re down to just over 10,000 books in the library!
    I only buy e-texts when available, novels included.
    I don’t feel things have to be ueber-organized on my desk. I didn’t remember it had a glass top until the move. Getting essentials like newspapers and novels into electronic form has made life easier.

  • No latte, he drinks a different brew in his mug. 😉 Just kidding. I like the new work space. I will not be sending pics of my cluttered spaces, as we live in a matchbox house with four homeschooled kids!! ROFL

  • I’ll have to give some serious consideration to your suggestion. I just left AT&T where I was Oklahoma Chief of Staff for 20 years and, unfortunately, known for my “piling system.” Still, there was some comfort in all that clutter and I usually knew exactly where everything was.
    Our lives are like that. However, we need to clear the clutter out of our lives as well and maybe people would recognize us more clearly for who we really are. I think a little minimalism would be in order. I know I’ve certainly tossed a few personal dead weights recently.