It's Been a Year…

…since I left Beliefnet as my blogging home and struck out on my own.  I sure appreciate those of you who stuck with me through the transition.  My traffic continues to grow, so I guess some of you out there have interest in what I have to say. So, thanks.

Here are the top five trafficked posts over the past year:

5. Are You a Hipster Christian?

4. Young Jesus in the Temple

3. Lonnie Frisbee and the Non-Demise of the Emerging Church

2. A Call to Clergy to Stop Performing Legal Marriages

1. Is Sojourners for Straights Only?

It's Moving Day
Ken Silva Has Died
No One's Heard of Paul Ricoeur
Book Update
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  • Jeff Greathouse

    Thanks for your writings and the work that you do.

  • Brandon Mouser

    I can only speak for myself, but I was ecstatic when you left beliefnet. There is some great content there, but it’s a pain in the ass to read on mobile devices and the massive pop-ups are entirely annoying.

    Happy blogaversary, Tony!

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