Questions for Rob Bell

If you were going to have a few minutes on a radio show to interview Rob Bell, what question would you ask him?

Hypothetically speaking, of course.


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  • Why is obfuscation better than clarity? I can’t imagine than all of the obscure dialogue is accidental. So I assume he prefers it.

  • Kenton

    What kind of push-back has he had in his own church?

  • regarding the elusiveness, as a certain someone put it: if there’s a literal hell, isn’t that *really fucking important?!

  • Why did you choose to not footnote?

    Would you be down to share your footnotes from your draft(s)?

  • Are you doing ok? We (your brothers and sisters) love you.

  • Joe Dorociak

    Did you know you were sounding a lot like Paul Tillich?

  • Ian

    In John 8 Jesus told some religious folks that unless they believed that he was “I am” they would “die in their sins.” What was he talking about? What does “dying in their sins” mean?

  • I echo @Joe: Why have you chosen to espouse a thoroughly Tillichian theology? What led you to the conclusions that existential theology is better able to handle the questions of postmodernity than, say, the Calvinist theology you argue against?

    I guess those are two questions…2 for the price of 1!


  • Josh Mueller

    I would ask him whether Jesus’ example as the perfect representative of an inclusivist, in His name calling towards exclusivists, would be part of practicing “Christ-like” love towards our ultra Calvivist brothers and sisters today.

  • Kyle

    What are some of your favorite books? What have you been reading lately?

  • Charles

    I vote for #7, Ian’s question.

  • Casey McCollum

    elaborate on the “not a theologian” bit – seems like crazy talk.

  • Sarah

    Describe some of the “everyday saints” who share/shared your faith journey with you. How does their example of living the faith shape or challenge your faith, and understanding of Scripture and theology?

  • ryan

    What percentage of people do you think couldn’t care less about you or your theology but post stuff related to you or your book (over and over) on their blog, twitter, or Facebook just to get attention?

  • Is Martin Bashir really that big of a jerk?

  • Did Doug Frank influence the book at all?

  • MisterT

    Don’t you think, deep down, Calvinists attack you more for your turtlenecks than for your theology?

  • Taryn

    It would be really cool if there was an H. E. Doubletoothpick Foundation supported by proceeds from the book.

    Is there?

  • Mark

    I lost my car keys recently. Do you know where they are?

  • SuperStar

    Besides the proofreading error in the last line of your book, is there anything else you would change since the book was released?

  • Greg Gorham

    I’d ask what he has planned for his next book.

  • JoeyS

    Both Witherington and McKnight have pushed back on Bell’s definition of aion or aionion. What are Bell’s references to support his understanding of those words?

  • Vicki

    In the recent video post stating what he believes, I found myself disturbed by the cheering in the background. It sounded more like an environment for a superstar than a humble leader. Can you speak to how you cultivate vulnerable community in your life, allowing yourself to be known and open to feedback, both for your strengths and your weaknesses?

  • Do you think Jesus would endorse the view that mega churches are better than small churches, or would you agree that every part of the body plays and important and vital role?