Leadership Lessons from Mumford and Sons

At Faith& Leadership, Jason Byassee was surprised to find leadership lessons at a Mumford and Sons concert:

Another lesson: Incarnate yourself, your language, your humor, in the local dialect. This will make for mistakes, as some of their comments did. But it almost doesn’t matter. You get credit for trying; whether you do perfectly is far less important. [READ THE REST]

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  • Charles

    I love their music and message. The take away quote from the full piece for me was this nugget: “Honor those who’ve put in the effort to be with you.” Many pastors/leaders could take a lesson from M&S, instead of worry about attendance and putting butts in the pews.

  • Kenton

    I always loved their “It’s the big one! ‘Lizabeth! I’m comin’ to join ya” gag.