125,225 of 350,000,000

That’s the percentage of the American populace that voted in the non-binding Iowa Caucus on Tuesday night.

Just a little reality check, here.

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  • If the sample were representative of the US it would be predictive Republican nomination were the whole nominating process to happen right now. Not representative and therefore not predictive.

    Your evidence for a reality check based on sample size is in error as the sample size is plenty large enough to make a national inference. The problem is not sample size but sample composition. Iowa is not American. Caucus goers are not the same as Primary goers. January caucus/primary goers are not the same as May caucus/primary goers.

  • I had a couple of similar reality checks, Tony. One was that the number of votes that it took to win was significantly less than half (41ish%) of the number of people who were, at the same time, attending the Sugar Bowl in person. The winning vote count was somewhere in the neighborhood of what amounts to 4% of the population of San Francisco.

  • It’s the beginning of the primary season. It starts in Iowa. It ends elsewhere. Everyone will have their opportunity to participate in the process.