The Burner Piles on @PastorMark

At The Burner Blog, David Moore has concluded his 4-part series on Mark Driscoll’s new book on marriage.  And Moore is unrelenting:

The concentration on a man’s sexual needs and total ignorance of any non-male-like needs a women might have prevents this from being a useful book on marriage. Therefore, The Burner Blog cannot recommend that any couple needing information/advice/tools to improve their marriage take this book seriously.

I keep writing because think the book really is a bad book. In my (very male) opinion, it’s not affirming or helpful to women. Women are more than tools to be used for their husbands sexual gratification. There is more to sex than intercourse. Children play a role in marriage. There is little mention of the mystery of marriage á la Ephesians 5. Suggestions for improvements in communication or money are absent.

READ THE REST: How to Avoid Satan Himself Laying in the Space Between You and Other Loose Ends From Real Marriage « The Burner.

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  • Perhaps this makes me a bad “student” of theology, but I have to ask: Why would I buy this book in the first place? Theoretically, we should read and study the thoughts of others, even those with whom we generally disagree. However, I can’t see putting money into the pocket of a person just to verify my disagreement. I generally disagree with Mark Driscoll, and I have no confidence in his ability to offer meaningful insight into my marriage. I just don’t want to contribute to the sales of someone that, in my mind, is not honoring the name of Christ.

    Fortunately, others have read and reviewed the book for me, so I can save my money and don’t have to forward any percentage to Pastor Mark.

  • Zach

    Particularly considering how Paul was such a trailblazer for equality in saying that women should be sexually satisfied as well as men, this is just more evidence of how grotesque Markie Mark is.

  • Lock

    I was outraged when I heard Driscoll suggest, “To marry a girl before she begins menstruating is “a divine blessing.”

    Wait, wait, wait. That’s part of Obama’s Ummah, the Iranian Supreme Leader. Driscoll isn’t that conservative.