Randall Balmer and Miroslav Volf

Those two will be my guests this Sunday when I guest host Doug Pagitt Radio, from 12-2pm on AM 950 in the Twin Cities, and streamed live at DougPagittRadio.com.

Randall Balmer

In the noon hour, I’ll be talking with Dr. Randall Balmer. Randy is professor of American religious history at Columbia University and the author of many books, including:

Randy and I will be talking about politics and religion in America today. In one segment, we’ll talk about Barack Obama’s first term, and in the other we’ll discuss the crop of potential Republican nominees. Religion is proving to be a big factor in presidential politics again this year, so it should be a great conversation.


Miroslav Volf

In the second hour, we’ll talk to Miroslav Volf, Henry B. Wright Professor of Theology at Yale Divinity School and Director of the Yale Center for Faith & Culture. Volf is the author of many books, including,

We’ll talk to Miroslav about how Christians can cohabit this country with Muslims in one segment, and in the other I’ll get his take on the atonement — about which I’ve been blogging.

Listen in this weekend, or catch it later when we post the audio and video.

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  • Tony,

    These should be good conversations. Randy is an excellent historian and observer of American life. Miroslav brings his own theological acumen to the current conversations affecting us. His work in Allah is important.

    But, just to get a lively conversation going, ask him what he thinks of Sam Well’s review of A Public Faith. Wells slams Miroslav, but doesn’t get him right. Miroslav has responded in the upcoming Christian Century!! Yale versus Duke!!

  • SO excited to hear these two conversations. They are both fantastic authors so I know that there will be lots of good exchange! Have fun Dr. Jones – Bo

  • Tony – is the atonement becoming a hot topic again?