Because the World Needs a Christian Tablet Computer

The good people at Family Christian have released Edifi, a “Christ-centered tablet,” according to one review. The company describes it thusly:

Our touch display tablet is much more than an e-reader! It is loaded with family-friendly features and FREE apps including Safe Search Wi-Fi web browsing, 27 Bible translations and Christian internet radio. Plus, check email, social network, display photos and download ebooks with our Family Christian Reader app!

They don’t say whether the Ordain Thyself app will work on Edifi.

The three reviewers on the site are pretty thrilled. Mandy writes,

When I got an email about this product I barely could wait until payday to pick mine up. I used to own a Kindle Fire and I have been waiting for something like the edifi to come along!
The edifi comes with a whole bunch of extras that were unexpected. It comes with a stylus, charger, usb cord, protective cover/stand and neoprene zipper style case! It’s fairly lightweight and it’s speakers are phenomenal! With my Kindle I almost always used an external speaker because the sound was just too low for some things.
The battery life seems to be good, I used the edifi to listen to music and the Bible, to go online, watch videos and download apps over the course of 7 hours and I still had 20% battery life left.

The touchscreen isn’t really for touching. It will work as a touchscreen, but it’s not as silky smooth as say my touchscreen phone. However, the edifi comes with a stylus and that works well. Unfortunately, there isn’t any special place to put the stylus in either the edifi itself or the neoprene case. I know I am gonna lose that thing!
I have had so much trouble with downloading apps and using the apps that were preloaded. I have had to re-start and deal with force closing, quite a bit. However, I am can be very persistent and patient and seemingly the more I use them the less I am getting error messages.
The App Squared app is supposed to allow you to download apps, for the last three days I have tried to do so, but it always force closes on me and when I get to do a search nothing comes up.
By downloading the Amazon Apps and Google Play apps directly to my computer and then transferring them to the edifi I was able to get the apps I wanted that way.
Overall, for the money it’s a great buy! Comes with a lot of nice extras and is easy to use. It’s been rewarding to tell my friends and family that I have a Christ-centered tablet. I love the YouVersion Bible and being able to listen to and read Christian media.

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  • Alan K

    If they were really serious about this they should have patterned the shape after the Decalogue plates given to Moses. Maybe that’s a future upgrade.

  • darthsidious

    loving jesus is all about safe search.

  • Tim

    “I have had so much trouble with downloading apps and using the apps that were preloaded.” Guess a ‘Christ-centered tablet” means a tablet that doesn’t work.

    This is actually extremely helpful in terms of understanding much of USAmerican Evangelicalism.

    • Simon Tarses

      Damn straight. And it’s stupid, too.

  • Is this actually for real? I just assumed this was satirical.

  • Chris

    Handbook instructions are written in KJV English.

  • Phil Miller

    This line just cracks me up for some reason:

    “The touchscreen isn’t really for touching. ”

    Playing hard to get, I see…

    • Kenneth Ethan Frantz

      Modesty! No touching until the wedding night.

  • So the review basically admits that it is terrible but you should buy it anyway because it is pre-loaded with family-friendly apps. Seriously, spend an extra $50 to get the Nexus 7 then put a Bible app, safe search app, etc on it. Then you won’t have to worry about app downloads not working or touchscreens not really being for touching.

    Why does the Christian subculture feel the need to rebrand something terrible and call it holy? If you really want to rebrand something to call it holy, at least rebrand a respectable piece of technology that people actually want.

    • Simon Tarses

      Fundie Christians want to take over the USA and the world, and stupidness like this is the one of the ways that they’ll do it. Just using an ordinary tablet isn’t enough for these idiots.

  • Kenneth Ethan Frantz

    What’s next?! I guess it’s good capitalism, but I have a question: Does the tablet let me know when Satan might influencing my reading? A self censoring E-Reader would help keep my mind pure and out of the clutches of the evil one. LOL

  • Sanctus

    “…there isn’t any special place to put the stylus”

    I have some suggestions…

  • DRT

    Will incense or holy water hurt the device? Or do I need the RCC upgrade version?

  • omg mine is terrible! i download apps from on the computer like you said but they never go to my edifi!!! the go to my broken tablet instead! im so sad i can never use it anymore! please someone post a video of how or at least tell me how please!