No More Prayers on EBay

This was in the paper when I was gone:

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  • Craig

    The prayer industry just needs more regulation and transparency. I’d love to buy my prayers in bulk from Manila or Mumbai, but where’s the quality control?

  • tom

    Indulgences not mentioned either.

  • Craig

    Tony, when Ebay closes a door, God opens a window.

    How about we do something good for those World Vision kids in Sri Lanka? Feed those kids a fish, they eat for a day; give them a job praying for rich free-market American evangelicals and they’ll eat for a lifetime. We’ll set up webcams in a Sri Lankan prayer factor for the Tea Party folks to monitor their workforce; we get an endorsement from Franklin Graham. “Results guaranteed by God: he works in mysterious ways!”

    And how about a sister company offering customized hexes from a real Haitian witch doctor. “Discrete and secure order forms available.”

  • DanS

    Maybe they’ll ban online ordination too.

  • Tim

    The war on religion continues … 😉

  • Ted Seeber

    I go to EWTN’s wonderful website for that stuff anyway.