Dems Pushing Their Chips to the Gay Side of the Table

This is in my front yard.

After years of trying to have it both way with LGBT voters — “We support you, but we can’t do it publicly because we’ll never win if we say it out loud” — it seems that the Democrats are going all in on the pro-LGBT vote. Last night was a coming out party of sorts for the DNC:

If there’s one group in the Democratic coalition that can definitely say the past four years have improved its lot, it’s LGBT voters, whose mood was triumphant at the start of the convention. Beyond the affirmation of marriage equality, the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” and the passage of the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, the Obama White House has made a host of executive changes on everything from providing benefits to the same-sex partners of federal employees to lifting the travel and immigration ban for people with HIV.

“I remember us being good Democrats … and the party telling us, not yet. Right?” Randi Weingarten, the openly gay president of the American Federation of Teachers, told the crowd as they murmured in agreement. “Well, ‘yet’ has come!” she said to roaring applause.

This is just another sign that the tipping point has been reached. And it is yet again up to congregations and denominations and plain old Christians to decide whether they want to be on the right side or the wrong side of history.

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  • It is long past time for folks liberal & conservative to support people getting married, whether in a civil setting or recognized/blessed by their faith communities.

  • Frank

    Stunning how any Christian can celebrate the support of sinful behavior.

    Meanwhile it looks like we will be welcoming President Romeny and Vice-President Ryan to the White House in January. Amazing how out of touch and full of hubris the Dems are these days.

    • Evelyn

      “We must remember that Satan has his miracles, too.”
      John Calvin

      • Steve


        • Ted Seeber

          In popular myth, the deal with the devil exists throughout almost all mythology- even non-Christian mythologies. Satan does work miracles- for a price.

    • Steve

      People are supporting equality not sin. How people use their rights is up to them – but it is right (you might call it stunning) for Christians to support the equality of everyone in the first instance.

      • Steve, your sentiment is right-on, and I’m certain most here share it. But with Frank you’re just talking to a brick wall. He’s not interested in conversation or rational discussion. He’s interested only in over-righteous pronouncements mired in “black/white, either/or” thinking.

        But, God bless him, he’s here, he continues to share his divisive remarks, for whatever they’re worth to this discussion as a whole. Though perhaps the value in his presence here is that it is a reminder to progressives/emergents of the old way of corrupt Christianity that is swiftly on its way out.

        His words, then, are simply death rattles.

        • Frank

          Yes of course! :rolleyes

          Meanwhile the bible still calls homosexual behavior sin. Meanwhile the majority of Americans are voting to keep marriage as one man and one woman. Meanwhile R. Jay continues to look the fool.

          • Death rattles Frank. Everything you say is just death rattles.

          • Frank

            Well all you have is a clever phrase (I admit) with no substance but that seems to be your MO. Carry on!

      • Frank

        I agree everyone is a sinner equally including those that engage in homosexual behavior. We most certainly have equality.

        • Steve

          I was talking about civil equality – but I suspect you knew that.

      • Ted Seeber

        If you were supporting equality, Civil Unions for Heterosexuals would be the goal, not marriage for homosexuals.

  • Good observation and one that makes me proud to say I vote Democrat. This definitely has become the civil rights issue of our generation, but have we necessarily solved the others? I believe there are many issues, including but not limited to this one that could put my stance on the right or wrong side of history (like the continuing struggle for the rights of ALL genders, races, cultures, abilities, ages, etc.).

    • Ted Seeber

      How can a civil wrong be a civil right?

  • Curtis

    Historically, the Christian church, as a whole, lags x years behind society for any given social change. If 2012 is the tipping point for U. S. society regarding civil rights for gays, then can we expect U. S. Christians, as a whole, to generally accept gays as healthy, whole people in 2012 + x?

    If Christian acceptance of gays happens in 2012 + x, is there a point at which U. S. Christians achieve what I think will be the ultimate tipping point for Christianity to survive — the full acceptance of religious pluralism? Christians have barely even started the discussion of what religious pluralism looks like from a Christian perspective, but that is a conversation I very much look forward to having.

    • Craig

      What do you suppose accounts for this lag? With an infrastructure that provides such ready conduits for moralizing to its own members, one might rather expect to find the Christian church at the vanguard of any morally progressive social change.

      • Curtis

        If one starts picking part the pieces, one does often find parts of the Christian church at the vanguard of social change, while other parts of the church are the last to change, or may never change at all. Some parts of the Christian church in the U.S., to this day, still do not recognize women or racial minorities as fully equal members of the church.

        It is a paradox that the Christian church can be, at the same time, monolithic about core doctrine but manifold about social issues.

      • Frank

        The church is at the vanguard of protecting God’s design for marriage and sexuality as one man and one woman and it will continue to do so as some of the “church” is transforming to becoming part of the world.

        • Evelyn

          God has no design for marriage and sexuality. Marriage and sexuality are purely human institutions. YOU may have a design for marriage and sexuality given your desire to dominate the opposite sex but God does not recognize sex – just as Jesus says in the gospel. Every time you f*&k a woman, your are f*&king God and God hates you for it.

          • Frank

            That of course depends on whether you believe the bible to be the Word of God or not. I do.

  • Many among the current and rising generations of Christians have looked back at the old generation of Christians (think Falwell, Robertson, Dobson, and their ilk) and have learned that intolerance, fear and hate don’t work.

    The old generation had a facade of devotion, but their chief aim was political (think Moral Majority, Focus on the Family, etc.). They didn’t care about love, grace or compassion. They cared about power, influence, and money.

    Contrary to their “love the sinner, hate the sin” cliche, they instead focused on “sin” so as to create an enemy (a necessity in politics), who they hated rather than loved. It rallied a base, and they made millions. Money made by lobbying hate, and a culture infected with that hate for decades.

    But the infection is being defeated. Because we who count ourselves as “emergent faith” Christians now know what doesn’t work. Fear, rule-keeping, and bigotry don’t work.

    But we know what does work.

    Love works. And we’re choosing love over fear.

    • Stacy

      Says someone who never met Falwell or Dobson. These guys love the Lord and have/had many gay friends. The love that they had for the unborn, people in crisis, alcoholics, etc. is incredible. Just because they don’t/didn’t share your political persuasion doesn’t mean that they didn’t care about love and grace. Some of Falwell’s best friends were people like Mel White (look it up, you’ll probably learn something about the love and grace that media never shared in our soundbite culture) and Larry Flynt.

      • Stacy, I need not have met either Dobson or the late Jerry Falwell in order to make an informed criticism. Their efforts over the past few decades at demeaning gay people and women, and working to curtail their human rights, is historic.

        And I’m reasonably certain you have absolutely no clue what my “political persuasion” is or isn’t.

    • Ted Seeber

      The trouble is, homosexuality and extramarital sex isn’t love- it’s rape.

  • marym

    Frank and Evelyn’s comments reinforce my decision to be a Democrat after 30 years of being a

    • Frank

      That says much more about you than me.

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  • nathan

    supporting marriage equality doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with a person taking a progressive view of sexuality.

    It might be about a consistent application of a person’s political philosophy that distinguishes between the government, church, and the application of the Constitution to marriage laws.

    • Ted Seeber

      If you were really for equality- you’d be for Civil Unions for Government and Leave Marriage to the Churches.

  • Carl

    I will readily admit that I live naively and am unaware of many things going on in the world. But I wonder is same gendered marriage really THE civil rights issue of our time? Or is it the only issue of our times and we want to be like the generations who came before us that battled racism and sexism.
    I am genuinely interested, but I can’t get over the feeling that we are looking for things to champion and this is the best option.

  • Ted Seeber

    I wish I knew which side was the wrong side of history. Political Correctness teaches me that Gay Marriage is the right side of history. Evolutionary Anthropology teaches me that this is nonsense, and that only heterosexual marriage, polygamous or monogamous, can create children in sustainability without huge outlays of expense of resources for artificial interference in the biological system. History teaches me that only cultures that embrace heterosexual monogamy in over 35% of families actually progress scientifically and technologically on their own (something about polygamy and blended families is correlated with, but likely does not cause, technological stagnation).

    And that’s all without reference to the Bible for anything at all.

    But then again, I consider the Sexual Revolution to be the biggest failure for teaching people to love each other ever, and non-marital sex to be rape regardless of consent or gender.