Announcing Some Christmas Winners!

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone. We’ve got some Theoblogy housekeeping to do today, and give away some free stuff.

Winners of the Theoblogy T-Shirts:

  1. Patrick S
  2. Greg Jeffers
  3. Evelyn
  4. Riley O’Brien Powell
  5. Jeremy

If you’re one of these, please email me through my website with your mailing address and your t-shirt size, and I’ll get the shirt out to you.

And now, an even bigger giveaway!

I’ve got 25 copies of the book Holy Nomad: The Rugged Road to Joy to give away, and I’m giving them to the Top 25 commenters on the blog this year. The winners are:

Rob Davis
Patrick S
Keith Rowley
Lausten North
JP Serrano
R. Jay
Ric Shewell
Dan Hauge
Aric Clark
T. Webb
Kelly J. Youngblood
Brad C
Jesse Turri

Did I miss someone?

If you’re on this list, please click on the logo below and fill out the form. The amazing Deb Arca will see that the book makes it to you:

I had planned to announce the winners of the three sets of Theologian Trading Cards today, but great limericks are still coming in, so I’ll announce it later this week.

Questions That Haunt is getting a week of Christmas vacation. It’ll be back next week.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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  • Kenton

    THANKS, Tony! Merry Christmas, friend!

  • Carl

    Theoblogy shirts! Are they only available for winners?

  • Thanks so much! I can never have too many books!

  • Ric Shewell

    Man, I love seeing Frank’s name, it’s like he’s a mythical creature. I can say that I caught glimpses of Frank, but no one can say for certain he was real…

    • Mythicizing Frank dehumanizes him! Oh, wait, that’s a different thread. 😉

  • toddh