See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me

Actually, listen to me. If you haven’t gotten enough of me this week, I’ve taken over the Homebrewed Christianity Network.

I guest co-hosted The Homebrewed Podcast at Subverting the Norm 2.

I was interviewed about my experience at that conference by Christian and Jordan on the Homebrewed Culturecast.

PS: The headline of this post feels very Slacktivist, doesn’t it?

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  • T.

    I know it would be too much trouble — but I’d so love transcripts — I just hardly ever get around to listening to podcasts. I know I can read something in half the time, and can scan it to begin with to see if I’m really interested.

  • I’m listening to this podcast interview now. Good stuff. Good push-back. As a post-theist (via the Emergent deconstructionism path) this “radical theology” stuff intrigues me. It’s like wanting to have your cake and eat it, too. What strikes me as quite telling, is that no TRUE atheist/humanist speakers were part of the conference to debate the radical philosophy. Now THAT would have been a fascinating exchange! 🙂