Stop Fighting Cancer

My post is up in Jake Bouma’s Cancer and Theology series:

Since I married a photojournalist, I’ve been subscribing to the newspaper. Someone comes to my house every morning (driving a Mercedes-Benz SUV, if you can believe it) and throws a newspaper on our doorstep. And I sit in my favorite chair with a cup of coffee and read the paper, cover-to-cover. I think I’m becoming my parents.

And every day I read the obituaries. Yes, it’s official, I am becoming my parents.

You can’t read the obituaries without noticing that a lot of people die of cancer. What’s most noticeable is how many of the obituaries for persons under the age of 60 list the cause of death as cancer.

Almost invariably, the obit reads, “After a courageous battle with cancer…”

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A Better Atonement: The Book

A Better Atonement cover

My new ebook, A Better Atonement: Beyond the Depraved Doctrine of Original Sin is now available on Amazon for $2.99. The 13,000-word book has three sections:

  1. A history of the doctrine of Original Sin, showing that we should now reject it;
  2. A defense of the historical, bodily crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus;
  3. A tour through the many theories of the atonement.

While some of the material has appeared previously on this blog, a great deal is new — including my own choice as to the best among the atonement theories. So pick up download a copy today!

(If you’re unfamiliar with ebooks, they’re quite easy to read — for instance, you can download a FREE Kindle reading app to your PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone.  (Or, you could buy a Kindle for as little as $79 — I was given one as a gift, and I love it!)  Then, with a couple clicks, you’ll be reading the book!)

But Maybe If Kirk Cameron Were in a Gay Movie…

This one’s a doozy. Kirk Cameron spoke out against homosexuality on Piers Morgan’s show. That’s no surprise. Neither is it a surprise that Stephen Baldwin tweeted his support, nor that some HuffPo ranters called Cameron a right-wing nutjob.

What did get me a little kooky is the list provided by Charisma News about why homosexuality is unnatural and destructive. My favorite is in bold:

Cameron was perfectly correct when he said homosexuality is “unnatural” and “destructive.”

In fact, studies also have shown that, not only are adult homosexual males three or four times more likely to sexually abuse a child or a young teenager, homosexual service men and women in the military are at least five times more likely to engage in rape.

In addition, people who define themselves as homosexual are more likely to commit suicide, more likely to get sexually transmitted diseases, more likely to get depressed, and more likely to have mental, emotional and behavioral problems.

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Would John Piper Excommunicate His Son?

"How does God hate you? Let me count the ways!"

Yes, he clearly would, as this interview at the Christian Post makes clear:

Should a pastor continue in ministry if one of his sons, arriving at a mature age, proves to be an unbeliever?

Well, as you know, that hits close to home. So maybe the best thing I can do is tell you the way the elders at Bethlehem managed this, because that’s me.

When that happened, I went to the elders and I said to them, “Here’s the situation. I think my son needs to be pursued by the elders as far as you can, and then he needs to be excommunicated if he doesn’t respond.” He was 19 years old.

I don’t know what’s more shocking, that Piper was ready to excommunicate his 19-year-old son, or that his son’s sin was that he was (is?) an “unbeliever.”

What’s happened to Piper is that he got caught up in his own biblical hermeneutic. The Bible says this:

I left you behind in Crete for this reason, that you should put in order what remained to be done, and should appoint elders in every town, as I directed you: someone who is blameless, married only once, whose children are believers, not accused of debauchery and not rebellious.

What’s an inerrantist pastor to do when one of his children turns out not to be a believer? Well, step down immediately, of course. Right? I’m sure that’s exactly what Piper said and did. Let’s go to the tape:

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