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Foster Children, Foster Christians and Justice

The Justice Conference took place in Portland, Oregon February 24th and 25th. Over four thousand people gathered together to take to heart the call to bear holistic gospel witness to Christ by serving those most in need. Francis Chan’s concluding talk on Saturday evening on sacrificial living was prophetically powerful and radically refreshing. It was so radical that it was biblically normal. His words reminded me of what a friend once told me: I long for the day when what is considered normal Ch … [Read more...]

Billy Graham + Martin Luther King, Jr. = John M. Perkins

In a 2012 “prediction” carried by CNN, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, claims that evangelicals need at this time “to contextualize an alternative narrative to the polarizing elements from both the right and the left by reconciling the righteousness message of Billy Graham with the justice platform of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.” The president of the nation’s largest Hispanic Christian organization goes on to say, “By offering compassiona … [Read more...]