Jesus Is More Than a Great Moral Teacher—He’s the Moral Order.

Jesus does not exist to help us live moral lives. He is more than a great moral teacher. Read more

Do You Miss Democracy—and George W. Bush—Yet?

I miss him. I also miss democracy. Read more

What Boxes Do You Cross in the Attempt to Gain Eternal Life?

What boxes do you and I cross to try and gain salvation? Read more

How Much Would Bonhoeffer Value the Values Voter Summit?

A great deal of talk in evangelical Christian circles centers on religious freedom and values. It is a theme on display at the Values Voter Summit where President Trump spoke this week (refer here, too). We want to make sure we have carved out space to exist and worship in our increasingly secular world, and believe it is not only an American legal right, but also a divine command. The German pastor, theologian and martyr Dietrich Bonhoeffer (shown here with… Read more

Many of Us Need to Disabuse Ourselves of the Notion that Widespread Abuse of Women Is a Thing of the Past

The widespread abuse of women is still with us. Read more

Columbus Day and the Myths that Make Us

Many people look back at Christopher Columbus as a self-made man who discovered a new world. How often do we think that Columbus himself might actually be our own creation: we made him into the man of our imaginations. For example, I grew up learning in school that Columbus discovered America. Did he? No. Actually the First Nations people were here first. They discovered it long before him. Columbus did not discover them. They knew they themselves existed long before… Read more

How Do You Build Relational Bridges in the Midst of Conflict?

We all experience conflict. It is part of life. How we approach conflict can make or break relationships. We can learn a thing or two from how the Apostle Paul approached conflict in his relationship with the Corinthian church. One of the key factors that led to conflict between Paul and the Corinthians was their false boasting. They boasted in all the wrong things, as exemplified by the “spirit people” (pneumatikoi). Some think Paul was insensitive to the spirit people… Read more

How Do We Guard Against Raising the Red Flag and White Flag Over National Anthem Protests and Gun Violence?

What do the debate about bending the knee and protesting during the singing of the national anthem honoring the U.S. flag and the debate over gun control in view of the tragedy in Las Vegas, Nevada have in common? In my estimation, the connection is not simply the fact that Colin Kaepernick went to the University of Nevada. Am I wrong in assuming that many of those who take offense at NFL players protesting what those athletes perceive as racial… Read more

Will the Real Bonhoeffer Please Stand Up?

Larry Rasmussen’s brief essay on the reception of Bonhoeffer in the United States is quite telling. While anecdotal, his reflections on the widespread interest in Bonhoeffer during his tenure at Union Theological Seminary conveys the sense that there is a bit of something for everyone to find appealing in Bonhoeffer. Feminist students were drawn to Bonhoeffer’s emphases on sociality and solidarity in his theological ethics, while struggling with his apparent patriarchal reflections. African Americans resonated with him as a white… Read more

Should You Commit Suicide or Drink Coffee? Thoughts on Camus and Christ on National Coffee Day

This post contains intense references to self-harm. If you have thoughts of harming yourself, please don’t. Please know that you are not alone. Please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255. A quote often attributed to Camus reads, “Should I kill myself or have a cup of coffee?” While there is no evidence to suggest that Camus ever asked this question (for an assertion that it is a false attribution, refer to this article, page 45), it does appear to… Read more

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