Gay Marriage Index

In August 2010, in the wake of Judge Walker’s decision to strike down California’s Proposition 8 in Perry v. Schwarzenegger, I ran a series of posts on gay marriage.


  1. Why Should Atheists Get Married? – Should the state only administer civil unions? And why would atheists ever value marriage anyway?
  2. Restricting Rhetoric, Mosques, and Gays – What kind of religious arguments should be allowed in public discourse?
  3. Natural Moral Theory is Bunk – Why I don’t buy the Catholic logic against gay marriage
  4. Do We Care Too Little About Marriage? – The devaluation of marriage goes way beyond high divorce rates
  5. Do We Care Too Much About Marriage? – Why our regard for marriage is hurting friendship and other non-romantic relationships

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Leah Anthony Libresco graduated from Yale in 2011. She works as an Editorial Assistant at The American Conservative by day, and by night writes for Patheos about theology, philosophy, and math at She was received into the Catholic Church in November 2012."

  • Tristyn Bloom

    Did you seriously just use the word 'Christianist'?…

  • Isaiah Roman

    I’m curious. Nowhere do I see the nomenclature defined. To have a debate over marriage – it seems to me – you have to put a definitive definition to the word marriage.
    Is marriage really just a social certificate for legalized sex, or is it the basic structure of human society?
    Is love a wrapper for sex, or is love a free will decision to subjugate one’s self to the service of another?
    If you leave these definitions ambiguous then you can do whatever you want. If you can’t put a definition to the word, then the word has no real meaning.
    Genesis 2:23-25 contains the Christian meaning of marriage. It’s a broad concept packed into a short space. To unpack that message, you have to start somewhere.
    So I ask; If you don’t start there, where do you start?