An Atheist Christmas

I’m back home and making up my traditional end-of-semester sleep deficit.  I’ll have a few substantive philosophical posts this week (I’m finishing the Eight Questions series before Christmas), but I will be supplementing with lighter fare for the holidays: unusual Christmas practices.

My boyfriend’s mother was surprised to hear I had any family obligations for Christmas, given that my entire immediate family are atheists.  We do have some holiday traditions, however.  There’s the traditional Chinese food and a movie on Christmas Day.  Just like Elena Kagan.

Before Christmas, we invite family and friends to our house to decorate cookies.  I was pleased to have Tristyn of Eschatological Psychosis over this year.  Along with typical Christmas cookie cutters like trees and holly:

We also have the less traditional, but ever popular America-shaped cookie:

The 2008 Electoral College

And, of course, festive cookies can always be reappropriated for entirely different designs.


Happy holidays!

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  • Julie Robison

    Two big thumbs up for the 2008 electoral college and the zombie reindeer! Hilarious! Have a very Merry Christmas, Leah!