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My 7 Quick Takes today was all about football and concussions, but if you’re not all tuckered out yet, there’s another good article in the sports section of The New York Times.  Alan Schwartz looks at the different concussion policies implemented by the Packers and the Steelers, so that’s a possible way to choose who to root for on Saturday, (that is, if you aren’t using the also-popular guide of voting for the team with fewer incidents of sexual assault).

In non-football news, Elisabeth Esther has just put up the most recent iteration of the Saturday Evening Blog Post, in which bloggers share a favorite post from the last month.  I went with “What Atheists and Republican Strategists Have in Common” — my post on the need for atheists to explain and defend their own moral systems, as well as religious systems.  Head on over to browse through the clippings.

One last link: First Things has an attack on the possible requirement that insurance companies offer contraception free.  I’ve got the first comment in the thread and I’m trying to address some of the common misconceptions about the reason this has been proposed.  Pop on over and take a look.

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