I’ve been travelling, so you’ll have to wait until this afternoon for meaty new content, but, I had to share one quick thing.  While away, I went trawling through a going-out-of-business Borders, trying to find some quality, discounted books.  I didn’t really succeed, in large part because terrible paranormal romances seem to have taken over all the shelf space.  (Where are E. Nesbit and Edward Eager?)  It’s terrible to see the spawn of Twilight have taken over the YA section, but this is truly excessive:

Now if only that were the nadir.  From ‘Crafts’ I headed over to ‘Religion’ and found this:

And lest you think this is mere unlucky coincidence.  I checked the copyright date.  The book above came out in 2007.  Twilight, with its nearly identical cover, came out in 2005 and hit #1 on the NYT bestseller list that year.

I can’t believe the Times piece on whether Lewis would be upset by his legacy left this out!

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  • Dylan

    Not quite as bad as the bookstore Lauren M. found that had a specifically designated "Teen Paranormal Romance" section, but pretty icky.

  • B. R. Lind

    That C.S. Lewis cover ought to be illegal in some way.