Invite Me to Debate!

In case two posts on strategy for debates on religion wasn’t hint enough, I’d be very game to argue with people offline.  If you’re part of a religious or atheist group that hosts speakers, I’d love to come and give the other side what-for.  I’m happy to speak at a student group or a church or pretty much any venue.  (I managed to get into a religion debate during an ASL lesson, clearly I don’t require much).

As readers of this blog know, I’m a really weird atheist, so you won’t just be hearing a retread of arguments you already know from skimming Wikipedia or reading the Four Horsemen.  And I do my homework; I won’t show up and try and skewer one religion by expecting it to hold to the creed of another sect.  I just can’t promise that we won’t slip into a few side debates over the dignity of the body or ways to structure marriage.

Oh, and I’m not picky.  I’m glad to pick fights with fellow atheists who disagree with me about virtue ethics, transhumanism, philosophy of math, etc.  “Is there a God?” isn’t the only interesting question.

So send me an email if you’ve got a venue and ideas about a sparring partner.  I live in the DC area, so local is better unless you’ve got the funds to fly me somewhere.

Oh, and one last pitch:

This is my debating power suit

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