Like many sites, I’m drawing attention to SOPA and PIPA, two terrible laws that threaten the web.  You can check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation for a rundown of the bills, but here are some lowlights:

  • SOPA creates a guilty until proven innocent standard for copyright. Instead of filing a complaint about specific infringing content, copyright holders can knock the entire website hosting the content off the web.
  • The Attorney General could de-list websites from search engines.So not only would websites be shut down on the suspicion of copyright infringement, we might never find them and their 404 pages since the government would have purged them from search results.  The government should not have this power to silence speech.
  • SOPA and PIPA set up a Great Firewall of the U.S. The law would block access within the U.S. to possibly-infringing foreign websites and even sites that just have too many links to blacklisted sites.

Here it is in video form:

Please spread the word, sign the petitions, and call your congressperson.

And one more recommendation.  Please consider donating to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which works tirelessly to promote communication and connectedness around the world.

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  • emily

    Thanks for bringing attention to this; it’s definitely helpful and necessary.

    On a totally unrelated note (and I apologize if commenting is not the appropriate way to bring attention to this), I enjoy your blog but really hate how, post-Patheos move, I can only read two lines in Google reader before having to click to a separate tab. I only do it if a post looks particularly interesting now. Any chance you might consider changing this? Thanks!

    • leahlibresco

      I know this is non-ideal, but I’m keeping it as it is for now, since it seems to have increased traffic to the site proper and commenting and discussion. I am keeping tabs on this, since I prefer full-text feeds for other blogs I read.