Please Vote For Me is accepting nominations for their Reader’s Choice Awards, and there is a category for Favorite Atheist Blog.  I don’t much fancy my chances against the behemoth that is Freethought Blogs, but I’d be thrilled to make the finals.

Last year’s winner was P.Z. Myers’s Pharyngula, which has a very different style and goal than Unequally Yoked.  Some atheist blogs speak mainly to people who are already atheists.  That’s an incredibly valuable service; it’s a way to promote activism, aggregate news, and provide a safe space for people who may have been thrown out of their families and communities because of their views.

I’m going for something a little different here.  This blog is meant to be a place for productive arguments and strange alliances between atheists and theists.  In these comment threads, I can make common cause with a gnostic Christian while the atheists and Catholics have to team up to call him a heretic and me a lunatic [in the most respectful possible way].  And all of us are expected to defend the beliefs we hold, not just attack the beliefs we’ve rejected.

I wouldn’t want every atheist blog to hew to this model, but I’d be very pleased to have it represented in the finals, so, if you want, please nominate it at the About site (link closes February 15th).

For the sake of standardization, please use this URL in the nomination form:


And, as fair recompense, you all are welcome to use the comments thread for this post to promote your own writings or any site or book you think we’d all benefit from checking out.

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  • deiseach

    If you’re happy to be “Catholics’ Favourite Atheist”, then definitely I can vote for you!

    And so I did – though I think have a damn cheek asking nominators to log in through Facebook and then wanting to harvest all the Facebook details. Luckily, my Facebook account isn’t under my real name, has none of my real-life details and I have no juicy list of friends they can harvest. Hey, I ventured out into the Internet because of fandom – I know better than to give out my personal info to you crazies out there in cyberspace 🙂

    • leahlibresco

      You can pull About’s permissions once you vote, which I certainly did.

      • deiseach

        I should have asked “Can we vote early and often?” I suppose if they want a Facebook account to log in (or an account), you can only vote for as many accounts as you have.

        If I were sufficiently evil-minded, I’d try and set up several, but I’m too lazy 🙁

  • Kogo

    Would you also like me to vote for Quisling as greatest-ever leader of Norway?

    Really, I mean have you EVER missed a chance to piss on atheism in your blog? How are you *not* the Alan Colmes of atheism?