In which my housemate writes a diss track

My housemate, Alexander, relyricized the union standard “The Ballad of Joe Hill” as a slam on Pepco, the energy company that’s leaving us to languish in the dark.  DCist has picked it up, and has put out a call for local bands to submit covers.  The full lyrics are at the link, but there’s a preview below.  And I promise to update you if any musicians answer the call.

I dreamed I saw Pepco last night
Driving down my street.
“Thank God!” said I, “Our power’s down.”
“It never died,” said he…
“It never died,” said he.

Says I “No, you don’t understand
The lights have all gone out!
The food’s now bad. We’re going mad
From heat without a doubt…
From heat without a doubt.”

Says he “You’re not upon our map;
The grid shows you’re just fine.”
Says I “But look out on our street.
There’s a down-ed power line…
There’s a down-ed power line.”

Says he “Well, tell us on our app.
Be sure to log in right!
We’ll check it out, see what’s about
Sometime tomorrow night…
Sometime tomorrow night.”

“But we’ll have melted down,” says I,
“There’s no way we can last!
But if it’s just for one more day,
I guess we can hold fast…
I guess we can hold fast.”

“Oh no,” says he, “Don’t count on that.
Tomorrow’s just been nixed.
First we’ll diagnose the grid,
In a fortnight she’ll be fixed…
In a fortnight she’ll be fixed.”

“You can’t just leave us stranded here
With no good end in sight!
Didn’t you prep and plan for this –
For setting things a-right…
For setting things a-right?”

“Well there’s your fatal flaw,” said he,
“Now let me put you wise.
We’re such a bad utility, yet
You assume we’re organized…
You assume we’re organized?”

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  • Katie

    Apparently you can get reimbursed by insurance for spoiled food. You should check your homeowner/renter’s insurance policy! Not that not having power would suck any less in the meantime.

  • Noe

    You have friends who ‘filk’ archaic Wobbly protest music. You image-drop Dresden Kodak. Need I mention repeating crossbows. We simply must do Theology on Tap sometime.

  • Ted Seeber

    ‘Nother important idea to avoid the spoiled food gig- Block Party Potluck! Get whatever tables you can, create whatever culinary delights you can from the food, go out into the street & share.

  • deiseach

    In hopes of cheering you up a bit, or at least giving you something to do while you languish in a dark, hot house with no means of cooking, washing anything with hot water (delph, laundry, yourself) or entertainment, I tried looking up to see was there any patron saint of electricians.

    Not quite, but suggestions range from (tongue-in-cheek) Nikola Tesla (someone seems to be trying to promote his cause with the Serbian Orthodox Church, and I fully support the idea) to a combination of people who climb tall poles – Stylite saints (such as St. Simeon Stylites) – plus patron saint of (against) being struck by lightning – lightning = electricity – St. Barbara.

    One patron saint site gives St. Barbara as (amongst other things) patron saint of “Construction & Electrical Workers”, so maybe we should all try lighting a candle to her on your behalf to get her to get the power company to get the lead out 🙂

  • Ha ha, oh DC.