I’m all verklempt…


And I really appreciated Alyssa Rosenberg’s response to the video:

[I]n eulogizing his mother on-air, Colbert, acting as himself rather than as his persona, subverted the genre he deconstructs for a living in a different way. Lorna Colbert deserves to be known, he argued, not because she was ludicrous, or a spectacle, or died in some horrendous way, but because she was loving, and decent, and enthusiastic about her passions and her children. Ordinariness, his remembrance suggested, has as much or more value than the freak show.

Please consider the comments open for just mentioning people you particularly like and appreciate, who we’d like to like too, but won’t hear about.


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  • Adam G.
  • Brandon B

    My great-aunt, Terry Brehm, passed away a few years ago. Since my grandparents (her sister and brother-in-law) died before I was born, she was like a grandmother to me. She was cheerful, a talkative host and a good cook, full of advice and old family stories.

  • Martha O’Keeffe

    The women I worked with in a local education authority office. We’re always regaled with tales of paper-pushers and jobsworths and clerks who jerk the public around, but there is too little acknowledgement of those on the frontline dealing with the public, having to interpret and apply the rules and regulations that come down from the head offices of the departments, ministries or whatever office your particular nation assigns to the government.

    They had a lot of experience, they did their best to be sympathetic and helpful, and when their hands were tied it wasn’t because they were just clock-watching tea-drinking red-tape applying idlers, it was because the politicians voted in by we, the public, had no interest in the tedious work of overhauling regulations that were forty years out of date.

    For all the clerical staff and civil servants out there who are not the Sir Humphreys but rather the person who has to give you forms PQ-9C and SR-13V to fill in, and then has to process those forms when you’ve forgotten what your name is, somebody does appreciate you!

  • TheodoreSeeber

    Steven Colbert is much older than I thought he was. He must remember the Latin Mass…..

  • Nicola

    Thank you for sharing that. I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise, and it deserves to be seen.

  • Jake

    I presume you already know this, but in case you were not aware:

    Joss Whedon was on The Colbert Report on Thursday.


  • Linda

    My mom, Mary Ann, died 30 years ago but still influences me with her humor, wisdom and compassion. Whenever I run into people who knew her, they always have wonderful compliments or a sweet, funny story to share with me. She was amazing and fabulous.