The Marleys Were Dead, To Begin With

I’m home with family, wrapping presents, baking cookies, and watching the best Christmas movie ever made.  (The runner up is Mrs Santa Claus – Angela Lansbury at the turn of the century as the eponymous character, who sings, marches with suffragettes, and organizes labor).  But the best movie has the best songs, including the best encapsulation of virtue ethics ever set to music.

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When a cold wind blows it chills you
Chills you to the bone
But there’s nothing in nature that
freezes your heart
Like years of being alone
It paints you with indifference
Like a lady paints with rouge
And the worst of the worst
The most hated and cursed
Is the one that we call Scrooge

…If bein’ mean’s a way of life
he’s practiced and rehearsed
and all that work is paying off
‘Cause Scrooge is getting worse

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