The Embarrassing Speculations of Ken Ham

This guest post is by UC supporter Pete Lefevre. Out of a morbid sense of curiosity, I watched the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate this past week. For me, the origins of our earth and our species have been amply explained through scientific inquiry and those who argue for a 6,000-year-old earth — who treat Genesis [Read More…]

“But that’s what the Bible says about hell.” Stop that!

If you’re afraid to ask questions, then you don’t really believe that perfect love casts out fear. [Read more…]

Killing us with kindness

Last night I was hanging out at the corner of faith and sexuality. There I witnessed a violent mugging. The perpetrator pretended to befriend his victims before suddenly attacking them with a crowbar. He smiled his toothy grin, and assured his victims of his love for them—and then left them bloodied, broken and writhing on [Read More…]