Deceived by God’s Word

There is a lot of fear in various Christian circles today that people are being deceived by false gospels that are not grounded in God’s word. It is a very heartfelt sentiment, one that is genuinely concerned for the fate of fellow believers and non-believers alike. [Read more…]

Glitter Is Serious Business: The Story Behind Glitter Ash Wednesday

On March 1st, as the Christian world enters the holy season of Lent, LGBT and LGBT affirming clergy will be offering ashes mixed with a bit of purple glitter as a means of welcoming LGBT people who may have felt rejected by the church and as an affirmation of God’s love for all.  [Read more…]

Why Doesn’t God Answer Life’s Big Questions?

So often, especially when we are distressed, we cry out to God, Why is this happening? [Read more…]

People, Not Projects: Re-Thinking Evangelism

We need to re-think evangelism–what it means and should look like. [Read more…]

God-Breathed: Questioning Inerrancy

Growing up, I was taught that the Bible is the Word of God, and that it is therefore inerrant, infallible, and authoritative. [Read more…]

​An Open Letter to Anyone Who Has Left a Church

To anyone who has left a church, especially those who left a church I’ve attended–I understand now my role in your story. [Read more…]

Showing Love

Christians talk a lot about standing up for our beliefs and doctrines. It seems we often feel this is the best way to show our devotion to God and to be a witness for Him. [Read more…]

When Jesus Said “Love Your Enemies,” I Think He Meant “Don’t Kill Them.”

I am sometimes asked, How can you be a Christian and not support the death penalty? The answer I usually give is quite simple: when Jesus said Love your enemies, I think he meant Don’t kill them. [Read more…]