I Desire Mercy, Not Masochism

In the fourteenth century Europe was struck by the bubonic plague, the deadliest disease outbreak in history. [Read more…]

Our Fire Is Ruining Facebook

I have been told that I can come off too harsh in my outspoken opposition to the American white Jesus and my vocal advocacy for Loving others first. [Read more…]

Why Boycotting Disney over a Gay Character Is Childish and Hypocritical

I recently saw Disney’s Beauty and the Beast with my six year old daughter. We loved it. [Read more…]

Dear American Conservative Church

Dear American Conservative Church, I know I can be pretty hard on you and you deserve an explanation. [Read more…]

Here’s Why Progressive Christianity Just Doesn’t Work

I’m anticipating a lot of people will read the title of this article without clicking on it and think to themselves: What are you talking about? I’m a Progressive Christian–that’s why I follow this page! [Read more…]

The Greatest of These

I am not a very good Christian any more. I used to think that under it all, I was doing the things right and that counted for something. That it counted for a lot. [Read more…]

It’s Time to Rethink Judgment

Evangelical Christians often focus on the idea of God’s judgment as a terribly frightening event that will bring about the end of the world or condemn people to hell for their misdeeds. [Read more…]

The Rapture, Hell and Salvation: How Our Doctrines Can Breed Fear, Suspicion and Judgment

Lately I have been considering the practicality of fervently holding to doctrines and beliefs. [Read more…]