Discovering “Biblical Truths”

If a literal, “plain-text” reading of the Bible, especially as informed by modern evangelical theology, isn’t the “right” way to read the text, then what is? Read more

On Conservative Christians’ Sudden Devotion to Imperial Cult

The amount of “good Christians” who have rattled their sabers in response to the NFL’s kneeling players during the National Anthem should not be surprising to anyone. Many of these same conservative (and of course largely white) Christians also voted for a man last November who epitomizes everything their Gospels speak against. Read more

Bible Nation: The United States of Hobby Lobby

A new book explores the small but powerful family behind Hobby Lobby and how they are reshaping the way the Bible is understood by the public. Read more

Faith in the Fog: On Losing Beliefs and Finding God

Few things give my inner skeptic a firmer foothold than Christians making statements of apparent certainty regarding their beliefs. Read more

Shoes on — a Hurricane Story

In recent days, the inevitable question that accompanies most natural disasters has been raised. Where was God in the midst of our storm? Predictably, the voices that have risen to the top of the media are not those most prepared to answer. Rather, celebrities and pundits suggest one of two troubling things. Read more

No, Our Non-Profit Is Not a Ministry

Christian friends often call the non-profit that my husband and I run a ministry. I know they mean well, but I would like to explain why we are not, and never will be, a ministry. Read more

Bullying Bishops and Castrated Christians: The Nashville Statement’s Eunuch Omission

Mountains of ink have already been spilled condemning the Nashville Statement, but I was particularly drawn to its use of a New Testament passage routinely abused by gender-conformity enforcers: Matthew 19. Read more

5 Things We’ll Miss If We Take the Bible Too Literally

I’ve discovered throughout my long and winding journey that the security we get from biblical literalism is nothing more than a façade. Read more

Dear Resistance

That whisper in your ear that you are unqualified, not smart enough, brave enough, faithful enough, theologically educated enough, cool enough, charismatic enough, articulate enough, are all blatant lies. Hear me when I say, you are exactly the voice we need to hear. Read more

My Cancer Didn’t Happen for a Reason

There’s no good reason for my cancer, and I won’t pretend otherwise. It didn’t happen so I could learn some important lesson, and it isn’t punishment for some sin of mine. Read more

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