How I Lost My Salvation

It started in 2013. I got married in January and a month later, in February, my mother got a DUI. [Read more…]

Biorhythmic Resistance

I hear in these ancient words a call to embrace and embody life as gift, even during messy, difficult, and uncertain times.
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Post-Evangelical Life

I want to tell the rest of the story–what happened after we left that evangelical church and started going to a mainline one. [Read more…]

How Evangelical Kids Can Get Their Faith Shaken on the First Day of University

Let’s consider the first morning at university for one hypothetical 18 year old raised in a typical evangelical church subculture. His name is David. [Read more…]

Trump’s Travel Ban Hurts American Children

My daughter is terrified of what will happen to her because of her faith and beliefs and the country in which her grandparents were born. Something is awfully wrong with that picture.
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An Illusion of Freedom

You don’t have to be in a cult to experience legalism. There is plenty of it spread throughout mainstream Christianity. [Read more…]

The Love of My Refugee Friend

American Christians, those who support the refugee ban, I have a friend I would like you to meet. [Read more…]

Answered Prayer

Dr. William Barber, II, is a hero. He wrote an op-ed this week following the National Prayer Breakfast. I have continued to think about his essay and about the powerful words he quoted from Frederick Douglass … [Read more…]