A Blessing for Holy Week Journeys

As I celebrated Palm Sunday with my congregation this year, I wondered: what way do they make, these palms that dance and wave to the sounds of our laughter, joy, and singing? [Read more…]

Indeed Very Many: Universalism in the Early Church

While the doctrine of universal reconciliation has indeed been a minority position throughout most of Christian history, all one has to do is turn to Augustine, a clear non-Universalist, to see how it was once upon a time a rather popular doctrine. [Read more…]

An Open Letter from the Syrian Border

Self-proclaimed Christian nation, I wish the lives of others mattered to you as much as Starbucks coffee cups. I know the guy you call savior instructed you to love others as yourselves, but that seems to have become more of a catchy phrase than an actual command to live by. [Read more…]

One God

Several years ago, after going through a very troubling church experience, I went through a time of intense examination of what I actually believed. I had come to a place where I needed to figure out if my faith was real or if it was just an institutional construct. [Read more…]

Jesus, the Cathedral and Me

Sometimes when I think about Jesus he seems so far away–someone in a distant time and place, more spiritual than physical, more transcendent than incarnate. [Read more…]

“I Just Go by What the Bible Says” and Other Ridiculous Things Pastors Say

If spent any time in a fundamentalist or evangelical church, you’ve probably heard some variation of the following from the pastor or leaders: I don’t preach my opinions, I just preach God’s word; or, I just want to know what the Bible says; or, I just believe what the Bible says; or my favorite, The Bible says it, I believe it, and that settles it. [Read more…]


We are dust; to dust we shall return. In between? God calls us to carry in our bones the light of Gospel justice and hope. [Read more…]

This Is Red Letter Love

What exactly is red letter Love? I mean, we all know the great command to Love your neighbor–pretty straight-forward, right? Be kind and Love our neighbor as ourselves. [Read more…]