The cycle Christians must help break


Everyone has been hurt. And hurt people hurt people. Our job is to do our best to break that cycle.
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Finding “The Lost Way” of Early Christianity


Stephen J. Patterson’s new book, released today, “The Lost Way: How Two Forgotten Gospels Are Rewriting the Story of Christian Origins,” explores the origins, context, text and interpretation of the Q Gospel, along with another early non-canonical Christian document, the Gospel of Thomas. [Read more...]

To Gay-Affirming Christians Who Dismiss the “Third Way”

I understand why people are so opposed to the idea of a third way. To allow the virtue of the lives of gay people to become a “disputable matter” seems like a betrayal that risks the well-being of the fourteen year old gay kid in the front pew. But the third way is actually a significant and necessary step towards the change of belief the Church so desperately needs. [Read more...]

The moment when, I, a moderate Christian, was a misunderstood Muslim


You never know when the tables might be turned—when you, too, might suddenly find yourself wrongly cast in the role of dangerous outsider. [Read more...]

Cutting Through the (You Know What) on the LGBT Issue


“Until the church can come to a place of full inclusion (acceptance and affirmation) of our LGBT sisters and brothers, the church will continue to fail miserably at fulfilling Jesus’ mandate to love God and neighbor and at being the body of Christ in the world.” [Read more...]

Abundant and impossible to fill: “Copia,” a book of poems by Erika Meitner


In her new collection of poetry, Copia, Erika Meitner writes about urban and suburban life, consumption and excess, desire and disappointment, and perhaps mostly about loss and hope. [Read more...]

Some Classic Lessons from a Film Classic

The Shawshank Redemption came out 20 years ago today and remains at the top of my all-time great movies list. It is punctuated with great lines and saturated with rich spiritual symbolism. The warden, Samuel Norton, functions as an icon of toxic Christianity. The warden presents himself as a socially respectable, church-going, Bible-quoting Christian. It [Read More...]

“Queers in the Kingdom” shares the stories of LGBT students at Wheaton College


Markie Hancock’s new documentary film casts a much needed light on the stories of Wheaton College’s LGBT alumni. [Read more...]