Church Beyond Church


The other day a fellow left this question in the private message area of the UC Facebook page: I am recently in the process of leaving an evangelical church. Any pointers? Any resources regarding being a Christian without a church would be great. Christy Caine, UC’s director of social media, wrote him an answer. First [Read More...]

Fundy Christian college students who fear knowledge


Lying at the heart of the stereotype of the anti-Christian professor is fear that there might be good reasons to believe a different way. [Read more...]

Professor Strawman and the Right-Wing Fantasy Circus: a review of “God’s Not Dead”


God isn’t dead–but after seeing this movie he might wish he was. [Read more...]

Getting over “Get over it”


How does one “get over” the entirety of their past? [Read more...]

Black Saturday: Satan, Hades, and the Beginnings of Hell


Christians are reinventing Hell today as much as they were two millennia ago. [Read more...]

The earliest picture of Jesus on the cross


A splendid depiction of the crucifixion that you’ve probably never seen. [Read more...]

Love your neighbor as yourself–unless they’re gay


If Christians were truly following the Golden Rule–we would be at the forefront of the fight for LGBT equality. [Read more...]

World Vision and Children: Love Loses


Must a starving child be told that homosexuality is a sin while they’re being given food? [Read more...]