How the Miracles of the Bible Obscure the Miracle of Jesus

detail from Marriage at Cana by Giotto, 14th century

Both testaments of the Christian Bible are rife with miracles. Seas are parted, rain is called for, the sick are healed, food falls from the sky, the dead are raised, and a woman conceives a child by the Holy Spirit. Miracles are so fundamental to the traditional Christmas story that it’s hard to imagine a faith that does not take them for granted in some form. [Read more...]

Twelfth Night: Reflections on Epiphany 2016

Photo "Bethlehem's Orb" by Sheila Hunter. Used by permission.

Twelfth Night is upon us, the eve of Epiphany when we remember how magi from Persia followed to Jesus’ birthing place an unusual God-flung orb of light that appeared in the heavens. The word “epiphany” means “manifestation” or “a striking appearance.” [Read more...]

What’s splitting your church? Worship music or genocide?


A tale of two churches. [Read more...]

Mary and Joseph discussing amongst themselves


(Hello, friends. I want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas [and/or the happiest of holiday seasons]. Below is something I wrote a few years back, which, every year, I’m happy to learn of at least one church somewhere performing as part of their Christmas celebration. I share it here [Read More...]

Top 10 Unfundamentalist Christians Posts of 2015


A run-down of our most popular blog posts from 2015. [Read more...]

Why Two Christmas Stories Are Better Than One


My falling out with Christian culture and my journey through biblical scholarship over the last several years have complicated and ultimately transformed my relationship with Christmas, particularly with the nativity traditions found in the Bible. The notion of a singular, harmonious, “biblical” Christmas story runs into all sorts of trouble when the texts are read attentively. [Read more...]

Advent Four:  Do You Hear What I Hear?

Photo by Sheila Hunter. Used by permission.

Snow falls. Gently. Lights twinkle in houses festive with welcoming wreathes. Santa and eight tiny reindeer alight on a snow-softened roof. Enchanted. Perfect. — “Bah Humbug!” [Read more...]

White Supremacy and the Pulpit: What the White Church Must Learn from Charleston


Today marks the six-month anniversary of the shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Though other stories now dominate the headlines, and though the trial of Dylann Roof is at least a half-year away, the issues raised by the events of that horrific day are still sadly relevant. [Read more...]