We are dust; to dust we shall return. In between? God calls us to carry in our bones the light of Gospel justice and hope. [Read more…]

This Is Red Letter Love

What exactly is red letter Love? I mean, we all know the great command to Love your neighbor–pretty straight-forward, right? Be kind and Love our neighbor as ourselves. [Read more…]

Is This a Person?

A bill currently in the Montana legislature seeks to amended the state constitution to define a person as all members of the species homo sapiens at any stage of development, including the stage of fertilization or conception, regardless of age, health, level of functioning, or condition of dependency. [Read more…]

What I Believe Doesn’t Matter

Cindy Brandt, Do you believe in Hell? asks the most recent commenter on my blog. [Read more…]

I Desire Mercy, Not Masochism

In the fourteenth century Europe was struck by the bubonic plague, the deadliest disease outbreak in history. [Read more…]

Our Fire Is Ruining Facebook

I have been told that I can come off too harsh in my outspoken opposition to the American white Jesus and my vocal advocacy for Loving others first. [Read more…]

Why Boycotting Disney over a Gay Character Is Childish and Hypocritical

I recently saw Disney’s Beauty and the Beast with my six year old daughter. We loved it. [Read more…]

Dear American Conservative Church

Dear American Conservative Church, I know I can be pretty hard on you and you deserve an explanation. [Read more…]