If We Don’t Want to See Another Charlottesville, Silence Is Not an Option

When will we all truly speak out against the blatant racism that embodies this self-proclaimed Christian nation? Read more

The Painful Truth About Charlottesville 

The events in Charlottesville, VA last weekend have saddened, angered, and activated me. Read more

Why I Support Marriage Equality

Growing up, homosexuality wasn’t addressed in my religious education — or elsewhere, for that matter. Read more

No, We Should Not Stop Speaking Out Against the Ideology of Our Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Stop telling us that we are not peacemakers when we vocally oppose the American Conservative Christian ideology that directly leads to the oppression of others. Read more

Equality Isn’t Fair

Equality. What comes to mind when you hear that word? Perhaps you first think of gender. Or marriage. Or race. Read more

Faith in the Fog: Love as Our Compass

Love is my compass and my guiding light for life, here and now. That’s the foundation on which I’m reconstructing my faith. Read more

Too Many Churches, Not Enough Christians

The canaries in the churches have given their warning, and those savvy enough to pay attention to such things are evacuating the premises. Read more

Problematizing Biblical Inerrancy

I am going to be a bit of a rabble-rouser and problematize things for folks who consider themselves inerrantists. Read more

For the Invisible People

A significant damaging effect of the fundamentalist mindset is its tendency to make some people feel invisible. Read more

Do You Mean to Mock Me?

This year on July 5th I stumbled into a place and a time out of time that caught my soul and will not let me go. Read more

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