An Advent Poem

truth / the setting-free kind if you know it / you should speak it [Read more…]

Three Reasons I Am a Christian Universalist

I believe that everyone will somehow, someway, someday be changed into a compassionate, loving person. [Read more…]

How to Find an Unfundamentalist Church

The question we’re asked most frequently is How can I find an Unfundamentalist Church?
[Read more…]

Advent Three:  Crocus Blossoms in Desert Places

While searching a closet for Christmas decorations the other day, I pulled out a dusty wooden box, the shipping crate kind that has a lid. [Read more…]

It’s Hard to Go to Church in Trump’s America

It’s hard for me to go to church these days. [Read more…]

Why the Bible Doesn’t ‘Clearly Say’ Anything

If you are saying those words in English, living in present-day America, then you are uttering either an obfuscation or an outright lie. Because the Bible doesn’t clearly say much of anything. [Read more…]

An Atheist and a Christian Walk into a Bar…

Randal Rauser’s and Justin Schieber’s new book, An Atheist and a Christian Walk into a Bar, is a welcome entry into the field of Christian/Atheist dialog. [Read more…]

Advent Two: Stumped while Seeking Peace in Zootopia

Reading this text after scrolling through my newsfeed’s local and global headlines of ongoing incidents of distrust, rage, and violence, I wonder: how does this zootopia the ancient book of Isaiah describes work anyway? [Read more…]