The Waco tragedy and the cult of Christian evangelicalism


In the negotiations between evangelicals and the rest of American Christianity, what might be learned from the Waco tragedy? [Read more...]

Godly Christians: Don’t stop at World Vision! Keep going!


“Remember, as Godly Christians we must boycott all companies and organizations that support gay marriage! Such companies include … ” [Read more...]

Top 7 claims for why homosexuality is “unnatural” refuted


Debunking the 7 most common myths about homosexuality being “unnatural.” [Read more...]

Which story are you in?


Trying to identify the story we are in is not merely an act of idle speculation, a meaningless and esoteric thought experiment. For Lewis (and McGrath), the story we choose to inhabit is vitally important because it “determines what we think about ourselves and consequently how we live.” [Read more...]

“Noah” in a nutshell: Watchers lose, love wins


The story of Noah is a story of choices. In Genesis, it is about God’s choice to push the reset button on creation and his choice to save Noah and his family. In Aronofsky’s film, it also about Noah’s choice of love. [Read more...]

Sink or swim, “Noah” is a story worth retelling


The story of Noah and his ark isn’t in the Bible to teach us about shipbuilding or ancient floods or animal care on the high seas. It’s there to tell us something about God and our relationship with him. Will Aronofsky’s story do the same? Or will that meta-narrative be subsumed by the spectacle of six-armed Watchers engaged in epic battle? [Read more...]

Life was so simple before I died


Life was so simple before i died / i was the center, i reasoned, i lied [Read more...]

Is “So don’t be gay” missing from my Bible’s translation of the Sodom and Gomorrah story?


I certainly have a bad Bible translation. What else could possibly explain how any rational person could ever conclude that the point of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah is to show that homosexuality is immoral? [Read more...]