Trump’s Travel Ban Hurts American Children

My daughter is terrified of what will happen to her because of her faith and beliefs and the country in which her grandparents were born. Something is awfully wrong with that picture.
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An Illusion of Freedom

You don’t have to be in a cult to experience legalism. There is plenty of it spread throughout mainstream Christianity. [Read more…]

The Love of My Refugee Friend

American Christians, those who support the refugee ban, I have a friend I would like you to meet. [Read more…]

Answered Prayer

Dr. William Barber, II, is a hero. He wrote an op-ed this week following the National Prayer Breakfast. I have continued to think about his essay and about the powerful words he quoted from Frederick Douglass … [Read more…]

Mercy Is Not Enough

Many Christians have never been challenged to consider all the biblical texts dealing with justice. [Read more…]

An Open Letter to My Fellow Christians

No matter what we think of the current sociopolitical situation, whether we endorse the present administration or bemoan it, we cannot deny the gravity of the state we find ourselves in. [Read more…]

Why “God Is Sovereign” Is Not Enough (And What You Can Do Instead)

I have had some iteration of the phrase, Don’t worry, God is sovereign, thrown at me twice in the last 24 hours … [Read more…]

Inauguration Day, the Women’s March and the Lonely in Between

It’s obvious we live in a divisive time. But lately I’ve started to wonder if we live in an oversimplified one as well. [Read more…]