Trump and Dobson: Constantine and Faust

I should not have been surprised to read of Dr. Dobson’s recent assurances to his massive flock that US presidential hopeful Donald Trump has been born again. [Read more…]

Lions: A Novel by Bonnie Nadzam

Bonnie Nadzam’s newly-released second novel, LIONS, is a ghost story–a ghost story about the spirit of a dying Colorado town called Lions, so named to stand in for disappointment with the wild invention and unreasonable hope by which it had been first imagined, then sought and spuriously claimed. [Read more…]

On Saying Goodbye to the Night: Thoughts on Fireworks, Spaceships and Justice-Making

Where were you five years ago on July 4th? [Read more…]

Toward a Radical Inclusiveness

I have been thinking a lot about pronouns lately. [Read more…]

Sundown Town

Are we living with a modern-day sundown town mindset? Instead of engaging with those different from us, do we build walls and legislate rules to keep others out? [Read more…]

Bible-believing Bisexual?

How can a progressive Christian who is living in a same-sex marriage be bible-believing? [Read more…]

A Bolt of Hatred

We’ve come a long way, but what happened in Orlando and the reaction to it provide harsh reminders of how people hate those who are different from them in some way. [Read more…]

Hell Might Be Empty

Theologian Jurgen Moltmann once said in a discussion: In the final analysis I believe hell will be empty. [Read more…]