Dear Christian, the world isn’t getting worse. In fact, it’s probably getting better.

I continue to be dismayed at how many Christians blithely assume things are getting worse. [Read more…]

Unending Black Death and the Rise of Fascism in America

What do the cycle of unending black and brown death, the rise and power of Adolf Hitler, and the unfathomable rise of Donald Trump have to do with each other? [Read more…]

How LGBTQ People Can Revitalize Christianity

Elizabeth Edman is a queer priest. She is also a priestly queer. [Read more…]

Outside the Gate

I don’t much care for the Church. [Read more…]

No Condemnation!

I wanted to believe that it was God speaking to me, but I couldn’t because I had memorized Romans 8:1. [Read more…]

What Delilah Deserves

Delilah’s name has been synonymous with a scheming, treacherous woman. I think she deserves better. [Read more…]

A Better Way To Evangelize

The invitation of the gospel is not: Realize you are a wretched sinner who deserves to die. The invitation of the gospel is: Realize you are a beloved child of God called to reflect God’s image. [Read more…]

When I found myself on the side of Religious Freedom Law supporters

And then, one Thursday morning when I read about yet another “Religious Freedom Law,” I saw myself. [Read more…]