Responding to a Christian tract handed out at an LGBT Pride Parade

I was standing on the street corner in downtown Great Falls, Montana, waiting for the annual Big Sky Pride Parade to begin. [Read more…]

power in the blood

I have been searching for what to say or even think about the Orlando massacre. All words fail. The story of the hundreds of donors who gave blood for those who were wounded inspired this poetic response. [Read more…]

Is it more important to believe the right things or to do the right things?

Right belief and right practice: you might call them the two oars in the rowboat of a healthy Christian disciple. But if you had to choose to prioritize one of those two oars, which one would it be? [Read more…]

What if the Orlando shooter was gay?

Who is to blame for Omar Mateen’s killing spree? [Read more…]

The Good Book of Human Nature

In their new book The Good Book of Human Nature, evolutionary anthropologist Carel van Schaik and historian Kai Michel defend the thesis that the Bible is the most important book in the history of humanity. [Read more…]

Dear Non-LGBT-Affirming Christians, Please Search Your Hearts

Non-LGBT-affirming Christian, can you be absolutely sure that your views are not shaped by a watered-down, far less extreme version of the same prejudice that murdered those forty-nine people? [Read more…]

Orlando: A Hopeful Lament

The undisturbed surface of the communion wine forms concentric circles when hit by a single tear. [Read more…]

Rethinking the Phrase “God Allows” In Response to Evil

God allows, in regards to evil and suffering, is a terrible theo(il)logical phrase. [Read more…]