The Middle Ground of Racism

Those of you who don’t feel the urgency to speak out: Are you really cool with sitting silent through modern day lynchings? Read more

Can Christians Be Good Americans?

Every couple of months, another round of people on Facebook discover the Can Muslims be good Americans? diatribe, and copy and paste the reasons explaining why the answer to that question is no: Read more

4 Reasons Why I Gave up Bible Debates

Don’t get me wrong: I’ve done my homework. I’ve been reading the Bible for as long as I’ve known how to read, and I studied it in classrooms for nearly a decade. Read more

The Ideology of Jesus

Jesus seemed to have zero concern for social norms or ideologies of those who he was supposed to be like. Read more

To My Conservative Christian Friends

Those who support the Muslim Ban, are adamantly against universal healthcare, yet call themselves pro-life — I am trying to understand where you are coming from. Read more

Understanding Backwards

For a good part of my life, I have seen religion as a duty which must be accomplished with dedication if not enjoyment. Read more

Faith in the Fog: Making Peace With the Messiness of the Bible

Contrary to well-meaning advice from many concerned Christians, reading the Bible is not a good cure for skepticism. In my experience, it usually magnifies it. Read more

Every Non-Religious Person Should Be Able to Answer These Questions

We all, Christians and non-Christians alike, should ask ourselves what we believe and why we believe it. Read more

A Trauma-Informed Approach to Sin

To truly help people, we must reorient our precepts of sin to an understanding of the impact trauma has. Read more

Christian: You Are Upset About the Wrong Things

The legalistic, simplistic, and shallow world of fundamentalism breeds some rather odd triggers for what it is we are supposed to get upset about. Here are just a few: Read more

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