If all are saved, then why follow Jesus?

The question assumes that if there is no eternal hell awaiting those who fail to choose Jesus as their “personal Lord and Savior” in this life, then Jesus is not worth following. [Read more…]

An Inappropriate Christmas

There is one passage from the birth narrative of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew that I think truly captures the meaning of Christmas. [Read more…]

How Can You Call Yourselves Christian When You Don’t Believe in the Bible?

A reader asks how we can call ourselves Christians when we don’t believe in the Bible … [Read more…]

Advent One: Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning

What if there isn’t enough light? [Read more…]

It’s Time! No More!

There is one issue in particular that I believe is contributing to the division and downfall of our society, and it’s time Christians drew a line in the sand and said, No more! [Read more…]

On Christian Culture Wars: Making Room at the Table

In one of the very last chapters in the very last book of the Christian Bible, Revelation, after pages of confusing imagery and uncertain meanings, after plagues and beasts, after horsemen and scrolls, you find mention of a feast. [Read more…]

Let Love Reign! Never Trump-ism!

Trump-ism represents some of the worst of the isms that would diminish our lives and our society: sexism, racism, egotism, narcissism, and nationalism. So, Let love reign! Never Trump-ism! [Read more…]

Crying out in the Wilderness: A Lamentation

Here we are, as a species, teetering on the edge of ruin. We’ve flattened Syria with our implements of death. We’re obliterating each other all throughout Africa, the Middle East, in Southeast Asia, and so very many other places. North Koreans are living in a dystopian society that looks akin to something George Orwell dreamt up. [Read more…]