Advent Three: Rejoice?

Photo by Sheila Hunter. Used by permission.

I have been thinking in recent days that perhaps this Advent we should forego Rejoice Sunday. The world is too weary with violence and pain. Indeed, what manner of rejoicing even rings true as we strike a match and touch its flame to the joy candle on this year’s wreath? [Read more...]

Homosexuality and the Bible: Beyond the Dichotomy between Biblical Prophets and Cultural Compromisers


The topic of homosexuality has assumed for many conservatives (“the prophets”) the status of a sort of litmus test that distinguishes those who accept “what the Bible teaches” over-against those “compromisers” who allow their opinions to be shaped by the contemporary culture. [Read more...]

Bible Test for Syrian Refugees


Surely, it is quite easy to establish whether someone is a Christian or not. Just ask Presidential candidate Jeb Bush. I mean, there are ways. One of those ways should be for all Syrian refugees who want to enter the United States to take a rigorous test of their faith and their understanding of Scripture. [Read more...]

Advent Two: Longing for Sunlight and Song

Photo © 2013 Sheila Hunter. Used by permission.

The songs and images of the Advent and Christmas season stir in many people a longing for peace and good will. But peace is hard to come by these days. Instead, violent world realities incite fear. [Read more...]

How Should Christians Love America?  


What did Jesus mean when he said to Pilate, “My kingdom is not from/of this world” and how does this relate to the way Christians should love their country? [Read more...]

Advent One: Longing


In my church this Sunday, we will begin the Advent season by hearing biblical texts crafted by writers who longed for God’s presence. [Read more...]

Three Kisses: A Glimpse Into the Life of a Syrian Refugee Family in America


On September 25th, someone robbed the refugee family I was going to visit of the $1200 that they had managed to scrounge together for rent. [Read more...]

Upon a Midnight


This poem is a prayer for God to be born anew—right now—in each of God’s Advent people, in us. [Read more...]