Actual War on Black People Distracting from Fictional War on Christmas


Jesus, a brown-skinned transient and known practitioner of civil disobedience executed by a brutal police state, is indeed perhaps the reason for the season, just not in the way the War on Christmas crowd wants to talk about. [Read more...]

I’m a racist and you probably are too

Our conscious and unconscious associations regarding race affect how we act. They affect what we say and what we do. They affect how we treat other people and in turn how we’re treated. They affect who is listened to and who is ignored, who is believed and who is doubted, who is passed by and who is stopped, who is given a second chance and, sometimes, who is killed. [Read more...]

A Christmas Play Gone Awry (or maybe not)

When we turn away from a world in need, from the cries of creation for mending and healing, from our brothers and sisters who are lonely, oppressed, wounded, and lost, we turn away from Christ. [Read more...]

Last night our President sounded like Jesus

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 7.21.22 AM

“And pray also for the Pharisees and the Herodians, the Tea Partiers and the conservative establishment, whose unjustified hatred for our President has blinded them to what is good not just for our country, but for humanity.” [Read more...]

Chiseling away: Pulitzer Prize winner Ted Kooser’s “Splitting an Order”


Kooser’s careful observations of objects, animals, people and places reveal the beauty that exists everywhere around us. [Read more...]

Being and Becoming Children of God

I grew up with a theology that said all children are children of God—that is, until they reach the age of accountability. I was also indoctrinated into a belief in total depravity: that we are all born sinners and inherit a sinful nature. Somehow we had to harmonize these two positions, and the way we [Read More...]

Mary Curran Hackett’s novel provides “Proof of Angels”


Despite its title, Mary Curran Hacket’s just released book doesn’t offer empirical evidence for the existence of supernatural beings from Heaven. Instead, her novel, Proof of Angels (William Morrow, $14.99), tells a feel-good tale of redemption and personal growth that touches on important social and spiritual issues. Proof of Angels tells the story of Sean [Read More...]

What the hell is Southern Baptist leader Al Mohler fired up about now?


This is not just dripping with irony. It’s gushing with it. [Read more...]