Al Mohler Fit the Battle of Jericho and Inerrancy Came Tumblin’ Down

The hallmark of modern Christian fundamentalism is an unwavering adherence to the notion of Biblical inerrancy. In its most extreme forms, belief in the inerrancy of the Bible stifles inquiry, perpetuates ignorance and glorifies dogmatism. [Read more...]

Prostitutes, Virgins and Mothers: Questioning Teachings About Biblical Women

In “Prostitutes, Virgins and Mothers: Questioning Teachings About Biblical Women,” Dr. Paula Trimble-Familetti sets out to do nothing less than overturn six thousand years of patriarchy, misogyny, and marginalization of women within Judaism and Christianity. [Read more...]

What to Do About ISIS: A Christian’s Anguish


When I think about ISIS and what our response as a nation should be to their reign of terror my soul is in anguish. Why the anguish? Does ISIS not completely devalue human life and are they not committed to the utter destruction and mass enslavement of all people who refuse to surrender allegiance to [Read More...]

Dr. Albert Mohler versus musician Michael Gungor: Who is on the verge of theological peril?

Mohler, 2

Could the struggle with, against, and for power be behind much of what is today being written and spoken about the Bible? Could THAT struggle turn a reasonable, balanced thinker into a dogmatic fundamentalist? [Read more...]

The murder of James Foley, ISIS, and Religions of Peace

The death of Foley is deplorable. The actions of ISIS are despicable. But atrocities committed by ISIS are no more representative of Muslim belief than the actions of extremist Christians are representative of mainstream Christianity. [Read more...]

The real tragedy of Ferguson isn’t on TV


The ongoing unrest in Ferguson, Missouri is a sobering reminder of the state of racial relations in the United States, and of the out-of-control militarization of our police force. But I fear that the real tragedy of Ferguson is that it’s destined to become nothing more than a momentary blip on the radar of history, one that, despite the historically agonizing cries of “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” will result in no meaningful change. [Read more...]

A poet, like a priest, works with facts and mysteries: the poetry of Spencer Reece

Reece’s collection is a quiet masterpiece, a spiritual and poetic achievement that speaks to the heart, mind, and soul. [Read more...]

Baptist pastor calls for sexually ethical understanding of divorce


Contrary to what many opponents of same-sex marriage would want us to believe, Jesus did not argue against divorce because he was inflexibly committed to some divine law or ideal plan that was encapsulated in Genesis 2:24. [Read more...]