How I’m Raising My Son a Feminist

This morning, I drove my children to their bus stop wearing my Wonder Woman headband. I also wear it around the house, doing dishes and at my computer. My daughter wears it sometimes. Oh, and my son dons the band, even my husband tried it on. Because a strong female superhero is for our whole family to respect. My husband cooks and I have a career outside the home. We don’t ever do gendered activities (no Daddy Daughter dates in… Read more

Should I Have a Kid?

“Did you always know that you wanted to be a parent?” A few weeks ago while recording an episode for our podcast Kindreds, my co-host asked. We talked at length but in short, the answer was, no. When I was young and single, the idea of having a kid was something that seemed like an eventual, yet distant given for my life. But when the question of whether or not to parent became less abstract, I found myself growing increasingly ambivalent… Read more

Parenting with Shifting Faith – Kathy Escobar

“When you read the Bible, you are wondering how in the (expletive) am I supposed to explain this to my children?” “You have parents, inlays, or family members who are worried about your salvation and the future of their grandkids.” “You feel like you are on a  slippery slope and not sure if you’ll survive the landing.” “You dread hearing what your kids might have learned in their Sunday School class.” If you answered yes to the above, you are… Read more

Six Problematic Christian Parenting Phrases

If you grew up Christian, or even outside of Christian subculture, you may have heard these terms wielded against you as parenting wisdom. Some parents hold them as golden nuggets of truth lifted from the Bible when what that really means is that it is intuitive to the parenting sensibilities of their time. This is why sometimes Biblical Parenting is Horrible Parenting. The Bible can be a source of parenting wisdom, but it is not meant to be a parenting… Read more

Help! My Child Got “Saved” at VBS

Stacy asks: Help! My 9 year old daughter was “saved” at a VBS tonight that she attended with her friend…I do not believe in the concept of “being saved” and really wasn’t prepared when she walked through the door happily proclaiming her new status. She could tell I was a bit thrown off, and she shared the story of feeling like she needed “more of Jesus in her heart,” because she doesn’t think of him enough. She said that it… Read more

What if My Child Becomes an Atheist?

“What will happen to the faith of the next generation if we criticize and interrogate religiosity?” “If we keep calling out everything church does wrong and reject spiritual practices because they are triggering, are we being bad parents? It’s already happening, statistics show young people identifying less and less as religious.” “We cannot deconstruct and discard religiosity while expecting our children to still value faith.” “If we continue on this path, our children are all going to end up ATHEISTS.”… Read more

Don’t Recruit Your Children for Culture Wars

Left vs. Right. Liberal vs. Conservative. Gay Rights vs. Religious Liberty. Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life. Evolution vs. Creationism. These are the culture wars of my generation. This the rhetoric woven into the evangelicalism of my upbringing. In just about every battle, I’ve fought hard on both sides, first on the right and now on the left, and I’m not sure which was harder—digging my heels in on either side, or making that painful transition from one to the other. Photo by Jason… Read more

The Prodigal Mom

I am thirty-three years old. I am holding my baby. I have come to worship. I am so anxious I can hardly breathe. Photo by Alex Hockett on Unsplash It feels like my heart is going to burst out of my chest.  It feels like a constant struggle not to run away.  It feels like my journey from ‘good Christian girl’ to ‘spiritual failure’ is complete.   It has taken me months to come back to church since my girl was born. She… Read more

Raising Children Without the Evangelical Savior Complex

“People need the Lord ~~” I can’t tell you when I first heard this emotionally stirring chorus, but I can tell you that I was very young. Growing up evangelical, it was instilled into my impressionable spirit a sense of urgency to reach the world for Jesus. Soothing, meditative music was good. Cultivating a love for others was good. A sense of mission and responsibility to the world was good. Developing an unhealthy evangelical savior complex was baaaaaaad.  Photo by Gabby… Read more

Teen Vogue, Anal Sex, and the Christian Response

I started following Teen Vogue back in the fall, when it first became clear that the editorial content had moved well beyond fashion trends and into the realm of politics. Here was a publication with a critical editorial vision and slant that lifted up marginalized voices — young women, people of color, queer folks (even pro-choice clergy!) – and spoke clearly about the impact of cis-het white (mostly male) privilege on its audience. Teen Vogue was connecting the dots. I… Read more

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