How to Parent when Grandparents are Conservative?

I am honored to interview Carol Howard Merritt today on the blog for Unfundamentalist Parenting. Carol is a Presbyterian pastor and the author of Healing Spiritual Wounds. For those of you who have experienced abuse at the hands of church or Christian institution, I hope you will find solace and healing through Carol’s words, as [Read More…]

Some Considerations Before Subscribing to Brio 2.0

Image: Focus on the Family In 2009, during the aftermath of the economic crash, Brio, the conservative Christian magazine for teenage girls published by Focus on the Family, folded alongside many other print publications. However, as we speak, it is unfolding and making its way into the hands of a new generation of teenage girls [Read More…]

The Gospel According to Moana

Image provided by Disney In fundamentalism, when a child misbehaves, it is to be expected because every human child acts according to their sinful nature. They need to be saved, corrected, and brought under the authority of God. I am convinced this theological paradigm is harmful to children. How can any good parenting fruit come [Read More…]

Breaking Five Unhealthy Friendship Habits from Fundamentalism

Image: Unsplash “Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything but sharing.” ~ Elie Wiesel The biggest problem with friendships in fundamentalism is the inability to see people as human beings rather than an agenda. When a person’s eternal destination is of urgent priority, the [Read More…]

What Holy Week Means for Children

Image: Unsplash Holy Week can sometimes be thought of as Humility Week. Stories from this week are often preached and taught as moral examples of Jesus’ humility, that according to Philippians 2:7-9 God became nothing. On this week Jesus rode triumphantly on a pathetic donkey, did a slave’s job and washed his disciples’ feet, and [Read More…]

The Trouble with Easter: How To (and not to) Talk to Kids About Easter

Public execution! Child Sacrifice! Rising from the dead!  Just the kinds of stories you want to tell your kid(s), right? Yeah…me either. As a Children’s Pastor in a Progressive Christian church, Easter is…well…it’s rough. For me, anyway. I am responsible for children birth-5th Grade and teaching this central Christian story to kids is one of [Read More…]

Protect Children from the Violence of the Cross and What to Do Instead During Holy Week

As we approach Holy Week, those of us involved in children’s ministry are once again considering of ways to observe this season with the youngest ones among us. I know what I am about to say may break from conventional wisdom, but I have been feeling strongly about this for quite some time so here [Read More…]

Let’s Be Thoughtful About the Way We Share Pictures of Syrian Children

People are changing profile pictures into yellow to spread awareness of the deadly chemical attack in Syria. Yellow symbolizing toxic gas.  Our hearts are devastated, once again, by the tragic news that seems to endlessly stream out of Syria. This time, a terrible chemical attack killing many people (exact numbers to be determined), including children. Already, [Read More…]

Deliberate Acts of Kindness

I interview author, Meredith Gould, about her new book as it relates to Unfundamentalist parenting: Many of my readers here at Unfundamentalist parenting grew up evangelical Christian, but are Somes and Dones. Meaning, they don’t identify with much if any of the Christian faith anymore. And yet, they want to raise their children with a [Read More…]

Mike Pence, The Billy Graham Rule, & Mixed Gender Friendships

Image: Pixabay Sometimes the quirks of evangelical subculture becomes fodder for inside jokes and on better days, helpful critical analysis within the subculture. But recently, one particular feature of evangelicalism has made its way into public consciousness, a habit called the Billy Graham Rule. Named after the famous evangelist, the rule is Graham’s self-imposed standard [Read More…]