The Chariot and the Sun in Its Height


The Summer Solstice is a point in the cycle when we can weave into our celebrations time and space to honor the seed of the True Self within us, which is part of and not apart from the Gods. [Read more...]

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The Alchemical Marriage

The Lovers - Tarot Card

The Lovers represents a basic human desire for uniting with that which is not the self; but to do so well we need to unite the disparate parts of ourselves. As well as an outer union, The Lovers can represent an inner union between the ego, that part of us that we think of as β€˜me’, and the deeper self that encompasses all that we are, both good and bad. [Read more...]

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The Beauty of the Green Earth: Honoring Venus

The Birth of Venus (Botticelli)

In late April and early May, many Pagans celebrate Beltane or May Day and the erotic, fertile energies of Venus, a goddess of agriculture and sexuality. [Read more...]

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Welcoming Spring


In many mystical traditions, greenness is associated with divine energy and spiritual wholeness and creativity. In this new monthly column, “Greening the Spirit,” Vivianne Crowley offers prayers and activities for welcoming Spring. [Read more...]

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