Spiritual Lessons from Science Fiction: Oh Captain, My Captain….

USS Enterprise A on the Star Trek Christmas Tree 2012 by JD Hancock licensed under CC by 2.0

Watch This Space Science Fiction is the future. The unknown. The darkness... and the light. The origins of the Science Fiction genre are rooted in the Victorian era. There is a good argument to be made that Mary Shelley's Frankenstein was the story that launched over a thousand tales. Questions about human creation, self and otherness, and the monster within begin here and continue today. Science fiction was born of colonialism, a “brave new world” to explore and examine peeking out at us. Spa … [Read more...]

Voodoo Priestess Predicts Bad Things for Legba’s Arrival on American Horror Story Coven

Legba by erokism licensed under CC by 2.0.

This just in: Entertainment Weekly is reporting that joining the American Horror Story Coven cast in the role of, you guessed it, Papa Legba, will be Lance Reddick. This can't be good. They are already touting him as the Voodoo Devil, and let the stereotypes continue. It would have been nice if we could be optimistic about Legba's arrival. Practitioners of New Orleans Voodoo, such as myself, view Papa Lebga as a guardian, a wise father guiding us down and through the paths of life. How Did the … [Read more...]

Chango’s Feast Day: Beware There Could Be Flames!

Dance of Chango, Orisha of Thunder by Byron Howes licensed under CC by 2.0

The last time I wrote a blog post about Chango one irate commenter told me to “cease and desist. “ The post and the accompanying incendiary recipe can be found here. The back and forth in the discussion got a little heated. Of course it did, Chango is the lord of Fire. The barebacked rider on the roar of thunder. The King who did not hang.December 4 is the traditional date for the feast of the Orisha Chango in La Regla Lucumi, more commonly known as Santeria. This date coincides with the Cat … [Read more...]

Divination Space Station: Raven Moon’s Oracle

Raven Moon's Oracle, wonderful wares !

 Welcome to the latest stop on Divination Space Station. This week we are blessed to have an interview with Jenn Ficentise, proprietress of Raven Moon's Oracle. As Head Gypsy in charge she specializes in the metaphysical: Tarot Card Readings, Intent Candles, Mojo bags, good luck charms, crystal programing, Soy candles, and the list goes on. She has an amazing psychic talent and is one of the few people I recommend to read when I am unavailable. I am so pleased to have her insightful … [Read more...]

Black Friday Money Magic That Works All Year !

Crowne-Gold-Silver-Bullion by Mark Herpel is licensed under CC by 2.0

The shopping daze of the holidays are upon us. Elbow pushing, toe trampling, bad caroling, creepy Santas and snow filled with “ cigarette packs, and dirty snacks, and things that make you blush,” squeeze our spirits and our souls this time and of year. We want to be the best parents, partners, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, and friends we can be. We want to buy thoughtful gifts, continue honored traditions, create new memories and not have to lose our minds and break our banks to do it. Acc … [Read more...]

Mojuba Means Thank You: A Praise Poem

Mojuba and Thanks by Lilith Dorsey.

 Devotees of the religion of Santeria (Lucumi) frequently recite a devoted list of prayers and thanks to their ancestors, spiritual teachers, and gods, or Orisha. These are most commonly referred to as mojubas. The word literally breaks down linguistically to the Yoruba words Mo, for "I,"  and the word for juba, which means to "give respect to." Some even believe the word "Mojo" derives from these roots. The following is a holiday praise poem I wrote to give thanks to the honored … [Read more...]

Fire Fire Fireside Chats: Real Voodoo and Santeria Possession

Fire Fire Fireside Chats: Voodoo Possession with Lilith Dorsey

The real truth about Voodoo and Santeria Possession and more importantly blessings with Lilith Dorsey. It has everything to do with divine gifts and nothing to do with pea soup. Please watch, subscribe to the channel,  and share if the spirits move you. … [Read more...]