Raise A Glass To My Friends…A Memorial Poem

Ipomea su Alocasia photo by Turinboy. Licensed under CC 2.0

The Pagan community lost another leader yesterday with the passing of Morning Glory Zell. She was a glorious visionary and a friend. I planted Morning Glories today in honor of her. Then I wrote this poem for all our foremothers and forefathers who have crossed the veil that I am honored to have known.

Raise A Glass

For Morning Glory, Donald Michael Kraig, Ted Andrews, Isaac Bonewits, and the rest… thank you.


I raise a glass to my friends,

to chase my tears,

to not think about the ends.


I raise my skirts above my knee,

to remember life is too short,

not to be who you got to be.


I raise my pen to write down these things,

to record all the smiles,

and help them spread their new wings.


I raise my spirit to hug all of yours goodbye,

to see the sacred beauty in life,

and always to try.


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