Tarot Fool and Foolishness: The Beginning of the End

Fool 0 final by Cassandra Santori. Text added. Licensed under CC 2.0


How dieth the wise man? As the fool.

– Ecclesiastes 2:16

The end of divination month here on Voodoo Universe has me thinking about tarot meanings, beginnings and endings, and the supreme power of Zero. In Tarot, the fool is assigned the number zero, if we can even call zero a number. In the same way, it’s hard to say if the fool card is even a card. Like the joker in the modern deck of playing cards, it is a holdover from ancient times past. It is everything and nothing, the chicken and the egg, the Ouroboros serpent eating or vomiting its own tail into existence.

People often ask me how to begin tarot card reading. There is no wrong way, as long a you start. There are quite a few cards and most people start with the major arcana. Within that the fool card is always good place to begin. I’ve been a tarot reader for decades and for the fool tarot card for me is everything and everyone from Harpo Marx to Squeaky Frome and back again. This is a card of supreme faith, trust and inspiration, everything you need to understand the realm of the invisibles.

Tarot of Cruelty by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved Copyright 2014.

To help you understand this card here are some herbs and gemstones that you can use to expand your connection. Some ideas might be: place selected herbs and gems in a bag with the card and place it under your pillow at night, use essential oils and gemstone chips to craft an oil to wear or to anoint your cards or reading table, use the herbs as part of a candle meditation on the fool card, the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination.



Sacred Gemstones for working with the Fool Tarot Card: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Agate, and Sugalite

Sacred Botanicals for working with the Fool Tarot Card: Fennel, Ginseng root, Orange Blossom, Lobelia, Coffee Beans

One of the most divine things about the tarot is that is can be used as a jumping off point into the world. This cosmic jump into the unknown is depicted in several images of the fool tarot card. As you ponder this card consider your own journeys, both personal and those in the context of the wider world.

For more information on the journey of the Tarot check out the following videos and posts, share your own foolish journeys in the comments below and remember to always enjoy the ride !

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Jodorowsky Tarot Special with English subtitles 


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