Torch to Light the Way in Nigeria #BringBackOurGirls

Love-candle photo by Bogdan. Licensed under CC 2.0

A message for my readers-

Feburary 2014 saw the brutal kidnapping of at least 230 schoolgirls in Bornu, Nigeria by Boko Haram. The name of the militant group means “Western education is sin ” in the local Hausa dialect according to CNN. Only a small handful have escaped in the months since the abduction. There are reports that the girls ranging from ages 15-18 are being sold into slavery and worse.

Nigerians have been demanding justice for some time now. The call to action has gone out to help support the young Nigerian girls who have been abducted. Even the first lady Michele Obama tweeted a pic and the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls yesterday. As usual the U.S. was a little late to the atrocity. Organizations like the UK’s One Billion Rising have been putting out calls to justice about the crime since early March.

This is a painful subject for anyone to talk about, and as the parent of a murdered child my heart goes out to these mothers and families. Maya Angelou commented online “The future of Nigeria and Africa and New York and Europe and the United States etcetera, etcetera, is threatened by the robbing of these young women’s future. We must have our darlings back so that we can help them to heal from this horror.” They must come back to their families, that is a given, but what can we do. I have heard some of my Yoruba brothers and sisters calling for Oya’s fire. It is easy to see how the ancestors are not happy. Some of the Pagan community are hosting online healing rituals. Personally, I wish these militant maniacs were standing in front of me when I have my flaming machete in my hands, but until that day happens, I can pray, petition, and pass the word around until this atrocity is stopped.

Partial list of kidnapped Nigerian girls names

People are circulating these girls names, and calling for prayers of support. This is only a partial list, and it was only released in the past few days.  This terror is not hiding in the shadows any longer. Vigils are being held across the world to help bring back our girls. I will be taking part in a candle lighting vigil, and saying these names on Sunday May 11, 2014. I invite you to join me in your own way, in your own sacred spaces and with your own blessed words to help to send these girls courage, strength, and a guiding light back home. Please share this message and do what you can.


-Lilith Dorsey



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