Dear Etsy, Tarot Is Back … Back Again!

Dear Etsy, Tarot Is Back … Back Again! October 14, 2015
Etsy again photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.
Etsy again photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.

Dear Etsy, ….

Regular readers of this Voodoo Universe blog, know that in June 2015 Etsy announced some changes to its psychic services policy and categories. This affected myself and many other Spiritual practitioners that offer our services and goods through their website. Recently they changed their policy again.

The letter I received on Sept. 30th stated:

“Thank you for being part of the Etsy community. We’re writing to let you know that we’ve added the subcategories of Psychic Readings and Tarot Readings & Divinations to the category of Home & Living>Spirituality & Religion. “

The full policy changes can be seen here. In short they have given us a real category for readings, a slight change in their position. Back in June they removed the category called spells, rituals and readings. So are we to assume that magic spells are still tabu? In short I guess we can tell people what is going to happen, but not help them with anything to improve their situation.

I’m not trying to demonize the company, Etsy faces a difficult problem. This is a larger problem really, that every psychic practitioner or client faces. We have legal safeguards for Doctors, Lawyers and others who may be doing more harm than good, but what do we have for psychics? I have been in some locations where psychic readers were unable to charge a set price for clients, and in other places where a reading could not tell someone they were going to die. Part of me understands the logic, but my response is still guided by the facts that everyone has to make a living, and everyone is eventually going to die. In my Dear Etsy  post about their earlier decision back in June of this year, I wrote:


“Now if we go to a doctor expecting for help and don’t improve …. and correct me if I’m wrong, the doctor still gets paid, as do the drug companies, and all the other support people along the way. What are the larger and wider assumptions being made here? That magick is ineffective and medicine is not.”


It was wise of Etsy to revise their decision, many people offer readings thru the site, and they will continue to do so elsewhere if Etsy isn’t friendly. I have my own shop there DeStressed Dreams, and I urge you to visit that shop, as well as that of my fellow Patheos blogger Asa West.

Please post your thoughts, suggestions, and opinions in the comments below and remember to share !!! For those wishing to contact me privately about a reading, those important psychic services, or otherwise, feel free to email me at


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