Brand New Supreme Leader Of Voodoo, Alcenat Zamor Dies

Brand New Supreme Leader Of Voodoo, Alcenat Zamor Dies January 3, 2016

alcenatzamorThe newly elected Supreme Leader of Voodoo in Haiti, Alcenat Zamor, passed away on December 30, 2015 according to reports by Zamor was only recently chosen for the position earlier this December. In the Voodoo Universe post covering this election, I spoke about how Alcenat Zamor promised to carry on the work of Beauvoir and also called for unity among his people. Alcenat Zamor was 60 years of age and hailed from the town of Gros Morne. He had been a practicing Vodou priest for 42 years. In an induction ceremony that was set to take place in March, Zamor would have rose to the newly created post, which was previously held by the late Max Beauvoir.

Zamor suffered a concussion after a car accident that took place on December 21. He was brought to Bernard Mevs Hospital in Port-au-Prince, where he passed away. Alcenat Zamor’s death again leaves the nation without an official leader for the Voodoo religion. We here at Voodoo Universe will keep you posted as the situation unfolds. Blessings to you Ati Zamor on your journey to the ancestors.

Alcenat Zamor after the recent Voodoo elections –

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