Tarot : The Hierophant Card – Everything Old Is Important … Still

The Hierophant by Cassandra Santori. Licensed under CC 2.0
The Hierophant by Cassandra Santori. Licensed under CC 2.0

The Hierophant card in the tarot is numbered five. If you listen to some of the people in the younger generation you would think the words of the old song “Everything old is new again,” were true. The fact of the matter is everything old has always been important. the lessons here are necessary ones, even if they aren’t always the most enjoyable.

Many tarot readers associate this card with traditional religious knowledge and in some descriptions it is even called “The Pope.” It is associated with a variety of herbs namely – sage, frankincense, gardenia, lemon, lavender, and violet. These herbs can be used to make a bath or floor wash to help better understand the true meaning of this card.

Hierophant Symbol- The Throne

One of the most common images featured in this card is a throne. This is more than just a chair for sitting, it is a high seat of power. The throne comes with the job, as do a whole host of responsibilities and wisdom.


Hierophant Symbol- The Keys

This card holds the keys to open the knowledge of this world and the next. The crossed golden keys used as a key element of symbolism in many decks is representative of access. In some tarot decks these are replaced by an ankh, symbolizing access to both the masculine and feminine energies.


Hierophant Symbol- The Book

The mantra here is I read books, I know things. The book could be a Bible, a grimoire, a codex. However it is seen, it represents a serious treasure trove of sacred information. This is the book, that like the keys, can unlock the sacred mysteries.


What The Hierophant Card means to me ….

This card holds so much symbolism and knowledge it is one of the most powerful cards in the deck. I am blessed and honored to be part of The Brown Girl Tarot (TM) . Described as ” a visual empowerment project, by filmmaker/humanist/entrepreneur Fontaine Felisha Foxworth, with a mission to encourage and uplift women of color by celebrating self-love and creative expression.” Foxworth is in the process of creating the deck with photos of brown girls, like myself. The card that I will be featured on is the Hierophant. It is a true blessing to have the opportunity to be this card. The project is one I feel very strongly about and I urge you to make a donation to the cause, remember to tell them Lilith Dorsey sent you.

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