All Eyes On The New Season of Shut Eye On Hulu : Tarot, Turmoil, and Trouble

Third Eye photo courtesy of Pixabay. Licensed under CC.0
Third Eye photo courtesy of Pixabay. Licensed under CC.0

It’s time for the new season of Shut Eye on Hulu – where we get to look at tarot, turmoil, trouble and the “ancient art of grift.”

In this season’s opening episode a client sees the hanged man and foresees dying of auto-erotic asphyxiation…. Our hero Charlie, played by Jeffrey Donovan, says “your at a crossroads … only you can pull yourself up” Then he gets a true vision… trying not to give any spoilers, but it’s really intense. I realize now as I write this that the first episode opened with the Hanged man card too. Almost as if the show is telling us it isn’t sure which direction it wants to take. In my previous post  Tarot on TV Hulu’s Shut Eye I wrote “The first shot of Shut Eye shows us the Hanged Man tarot card. In many cases this card refers to indecision. This is very appropriate because as a viewer I’m unsure how this show is going to turn out. Our protagonist Charlie Haverford sells $500 candles, and seems to have more made up mojo than he does real magick. The tagline for the show is “fake psychics, real visions.” So let’s see what the future holds. ”

Pendu tarot image courtesy of wikimedia.
Pendu tarot image courtesy of wikimedia.

Tarot readings at gunpoint feature prominently here so this show clearly has something for everyone. It’s almost as if the cards themselves are a character on this show. An old friend, a neighbor, always close by with good advice and insight. A confidant who always has your back when things get hairy. ” the only tea leaves you will find around here are the ones we drink. ” As for the wife’s advice she should stick to what she knows, conning people. Since I literally wrote the book on Love Magic I would recommend steering clear of the romantic advice here.
In series 2 episode 6 Crimes and Punishments even the teenage son tries his hand at reading. It quickly turns into a way to pick up girls. We all know this guy. I applaud Shut Eye on Hulu for broaching some of the stereotypes head on. But does the show go far enough, it seems to be trying to tell us that magick is real, but also elusive, confusing, and dangerous. I guess, depending on your perspective, that’s true. From Bewitched to Charmed, modern Witches have longed to see themselves represented accurately on both big and little screens. Like real Tarot Card readings we will see how these cards dealt by Shut Eye play out.

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