Love Crystals : Sugilite is Protective and Powerful

Love Crystals : Sugilite is Protective and Powerful December 9, 2017

Sugilite pyramid photo by Eric Golub. Licensed under CC 2.0
Sugilite pyramid photo by Eric Golub. Licensed under CC 2.0

Many psychics agree Sugilite is one of the most powerful and protective items you can use in your magick. Sugilite is seen as a healer’s stone. Discovered by a Japanese geologist Ken-ichi Sugi on the Iwagi Isle in 1944, it is best known for an intense purple color. It also comes in yellow and brown and is mined in Australia, Italy, Japan, Canada, South Africa, and Tajikistan.

It is one that works well with both the heart and the crown chakra to cleanse and realign you with your goals. This stone helps to unite the heart and the head.  In addition to healing your own self and your love life, Sugilite can be helpful with children too.

Dream A Big Dream Sugilite Spell

Sugilite is often used in dream magick, its nickname is even dream stone.  It is said to remove nightmares, protect from night terrors, and provide guidance and beneficial dreams during sleep. The following simple spell is best performed on the full moon, but can be used at any time if things are difficult at the moment.


2 Small pieces of Sugilite

2 Mojo wishing beans

2 pinches Mugwort herb

1 small purple candle

Glass candle holder

Rain Water

Rose Water

Gather all ingredients together on your ritual altar. Place a few drops of rain water and rose water in the bottom of the candle holder. Put the candle in the holder in the center of your altar. The sugilite crystals should be placed on the altar at the top and the bottom of the candle. The wishing beans should be placed on the left and right side of the candle.

In addition to Sugilite there are many other crystals you can use in your love magic. Please don’t forget to check out my book Love Magic and see the other Love Crystals articles here on this blog –

What are your favorite crystals for love ? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. And as always if you have benefited from what you read here please remember to share, share, share !

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