Love Crystals: Malachite

Love Crystals: Malachite March 25, 2017

Malachite image courtesy of wikimedia commons.
Malachite image courtesy of wikimedia commons.Licensed under CC 2.0

When choosing love crystals consider Malachite, it will help you attract and prepare for your true love. This is a classic stone. It is great for removing negativity from past trauma, and for healing on every level. Malachite has been in use for over 6000 years. Even the Egyptian Book of the Dead says the goddesses drops stars to the earth in the “form of green stones.”

The Beautiful Mind Blog says “Malachite is regarded as a stone of transformation that helps facilitate change. It helps to clear and activate the chakras and re-arrange the energy pattern in the body. It is particularly useful in balancing the heart chakra and opens this energy center to unconditional love. It helps to clarify thoughts and break old patterns of behavior. It encourages decision making process, determination and acceptance of change. It teaches one to assume responsibility for his own thoughts, feelings, and actions. It clarifies the thinking process, strengthens intuition and enables deep insight.”

Properties of Malachite

  • Removes guilt – Wear the stone in jewelry or place under your pillow to get rid of feelings of unnecessary guilt.
  • Strong protector of children –
  • Clarifies Emotions – Carry in your pocket to gain clarity
  • Increases concentration and critical thinking skills
  • Ruled by the Planet Venus
  • Sacred to the Goddess Freya – Use on altars to Freya
  • In Feng Shui turtles made of malachite are displayed to attract support
  • Some traditions believe that Malachite will make you invisible
  • Used with combination with the stone Morganite it is said to heal a broken heart
  • Some ancient cultures used powdered malachite as an eye shadow.

Care of Malachite

The stone Malachite is best recharged by placing it in the sun or burying it in the earth. The rock is sensitive to salt, ammonia, heat, and hot water. It is very receptive to the energy of it’s owner. What are your favorite uses for this stone? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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