Love Crystals: Kyanite , A Creator of Bridges

Love Crystals: Kyanite , A Creator of Bridges September 23, 2017

Kyanite quartz photo courtesy of Wikimedia commons. Licensed under CC 2.0
Kyanite quartz photo courtesy of Wikimedia commons. Licensed under CC 2.0

Kyanite is a stone of extremely high vibrations. It creates bridges and pathways were none were to be found before. Unlike other stones it does not take on negative energy. Thus you may perform rites or rituals to bless or consecrate it, but none for cleansing will be needed.

It’s name comes from the Greek word meaning deep blue. However the magickal Kyanite comes in a myriad of colors : blue, indigo,orange ,green, and black. Each resonates with it’s own strength and power. The blue variety is said to impart peace, power, trust, and faith. It also helps provide understanding and transformation. Indigo manifestations of this stone brings wisdom, connection to higher realms, and assistance with spiritual journeys. Orange Kyanite is said to stimulate the sexual organs, and heal the body overall. The green form of this crystal is focused on growth and new beginnings. The black variety of this stone is said to bring power, protection, and safety.

Kyanite Spells

All of the different varieties of this stone can be used in your love magic. One simple spell involves taking a piece of kyanite jewelry in the appropriate color and charging it with love oil. Try Love Potion Number 9, 10, or 11 featured here on this blog. Or use one of your personal favorites. Charge the jewelry overnight by the light of the Full Moon and then wear daily to bring about your desired results.

Alternatively you can use Kyanite to set up a sacred grid in your home. This stone is frequently used in Feng Shui to bring calming energy to a space. The following ritual will provide both peace and protection to an area. It is great to use in a child’s bedroom (just be sure to place the crystals somewhere out of danger.) You will need 4 wands of black kyanite. Rinse these in spring water and then place in the four corners of the room. Start from the north side and move counterclockwise through the space. Concentrate to keeping the room blessed and protected. If you like recite the 23rd Psalm or other protection prayer.

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