Love Crystals : Rose Quartz

Love Crystals : Rose Quartz February 1, 2017

Love Crystals Rose Quartz photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.
Love Crystals Rose Quartz photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.

When witches think love magick they think Rose Quartz. It is a standard crystal for accessing both personal and divine love, friendship, and healing. Often referred to as the heart stone, this has been prized as a talisman for love for thousands of years. Used everywhere on everything from Ancient Persia, Egyptian tombs, and Asian beauty spells, you can certainly use it’s great benefits today.

Rose Quartz and Aphrodite

Aphrodite is one of the most popular goddesses of love. She can be honored with pieces of Rose Quartz as an offering, or jewelry can be made from this stone to connect with her loving energy and blessings. The site gives a nice re-telling of the story of Aphrodite and this precious stone. “Aphrodite became trapped in a thorn bush while rushing to assist Adonis when Ares, the God of War, attacked him. Aphrodite arrived too late to save Adonis. Because of their powerful love, the blood of Aphrodite and Adonis spilled onto the quartz beneath them. From that point on, the quartz in the area had a rose quartz color. Their story of love is deeply tied to rose quartz meaning.”

Rose Quartz is also sacred to several other goddesses. The stone can be used as an offering for Freya, Yemaya, Venus, Isis, and Hathor. This ancient crystal is prized by many goddesses and is ultimately used to contact the divine feminine. You can use this stone to connect with the universal love energy of these deities. Do this by wearing jewelry, using it on their altar or shrine, placing the stone under you bed, or carrying it in your pocket.

Rose Quartz and Divination

Rose Quartz can be very useful in helping with divination. You can get a pendulum made of the stone and do readings about love and friendship with it. As an added benefit bless your pendulum with rose water and rose incense to cleans it between uses. A rose quartz pendulum can also be very helpful in Chakra re-balancing work. The stone vibrates with the heart chakra and can help to open you up to love healing and emotional breakthroughs.

The stone is also helpful for use in divination with tarot cards. You can keep the stone in your tarot bag, or on your divination altar when you are doing readings for love. Rose Quartz is associated with The Lovers card in the tarot. Use it to meditate with for better understanding of this card and its meaning.

Care and keeping of Rose Quartz

Let me start by saying don’t put this in the sun, doing so will cause it’s rosy pink color to fade. It order to clean the energy of this crystal you can wash it in rose water or spring water, bury it in the earth, or cover it with salt. This will help to ground and also recharge the natural energy of the stone.

Rose Quartz Water

In my new book Love Magic (now available everywhere books are sold,) I give a recipe for Rose Quartz Water. This type of quartz is traditionally a stone of great love and healing. This magickal water spell can be added to a bath, sprinkled about the home, or even placed in a spray bottle and used whenever necessary.


1 cup Rose water

1 cup Spring water

1 piece Rose quartz

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl on the eve of the full moon. Place the bowl outside where the moon’s rays will touch and bless it. Leave it there overnight. The next morning it will be ready for use.


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