Herbal Magick : The Witch’s Willow

Herbal Magick : The Witch’s Willow January 27, 2020

Weeping willow photo courtesy of pixabay. Licensed under CC 0.0

Witchcraft and Willow go hand and hand. Having properties of healing, creativity, protection, fertility and divination, it is honored in many different magickal traditions. In the Celtic tradition the Willow Moon time was said to occur from April 15 to May 12th. On Learnreligions.com Patti Wigington writes this ” moon was known to the Celts as Saille, pronounced Sahl-yeh. The Willow grows best when there’s lots of rain, and in northern Europe there’s no shortage of that this time of year. This is a tree associated with healing and growth, for obvious reasons.” In Conjure and Hoodoo the tree branches are one of the items used in making a conjure or controlling hand. In this case it is wrapped up with red and black peppers, pins and needles, to gain control over an individual. Obviously consider the ethics of this type of working before attempting anything. Controlling another will always come at a complicated price. But no matter what, this is a good component to keep in your magickal toolbox.

Goddesses Honored With Willow

These trees are nicknamed Goddess trees and many are associated with this plant.

Artemis– A goddess of the hunt, Artemis is offered honey cakes and willow branches.

Brighid– Honored most often on February 2 at Imbolc, Brighid is frequently given this plant as an offering.

Cerridwen– A Celtic goddess of the hearth and cauldron, Cerridwen is honored with bark as an offering.

Flora– This Roman Goddess of flowers is often offered this botanical.

Persephone – This famous Goddess of the underworld is also known to be partial to willow.

Luna– Willow is said to be connected to the moon, so it makes since that Luna a moon goddess is associated with this plant.

This wood is also often the chosen material for witch’s wands and brooms. For best results magickal tools like these should be handcrafted. Try your best to find a piece of wood that truly resonates with you, speaking on some level to both your heart and soul. Traditionally when making a broom Ash is used for the stick, Birch or Broom used for the brush itself, and bound with Willow in honor of the Goddess Hecate. Even Shakespeare mentions this magickal plant writing:

The poor soul sat sighing by a sycamore tree,

Sing all a green willow.

Her hand on her bosom, her head on her knee,

Sing willow, willow, willow.

~William Shakespeare, Othello

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