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Protest of Love
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Protest of Love
The Injustice of a Colorblind God: A Lament For Ferguson
  • Jeff Selan


    Amendment one was worse than stated. Gay marriage was already illegal in NC. The Amendment made it much more difficult to overturn due for a need for subsequent amendment.

    Black congregations are historically more anti Gay than whites. ‘White Bread” does not apply.

    In 2008, the leading countries of origin for immigrants were Mexico, India, the Philippines, and China.

    But brother, I’m an ally. I’m on your side. We have to fight the enemy with facts. Nothing else will do. Please forgive any offence on my part but, I consider you a role model and am also an equal right advocate.

    What this boils down to is the constitution. All orientations have equal rights under the first and fourteenth amendment to the US constitution. I am no liberal but, as a constitutionalist, the Federal government needs to intervene.

    The problem is, if it goes to the supreme court, it’s an all or nothing deal risking same sex marriage rights in all 50 states.

    I am really sorry this happened to these folks and we need to press on and continue the fight. We must out think them and not get caught up in the emotion.

    I love you as a brother in Christ and will refrain from comment in the future if wanted.

    Be blessed and keep up the fight!

  • Howie Shaver

    I love you Phil!! But not in a gay way. People like you make me believe in religion again. Well… not really, but I would go to your Church!

    So say we all!

    (Holy Shit! Phil’s pissed.)